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I don\'t suppose I can persuade any of you to make a model of a Skaarj, can I? No? Oh well, can\'t blame a guy for trying. This is a real treat for FFA fans, as Darth NormaN continues his recent
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streak of top-class maps with this little gem. Again, the style of the map reminds me of UT2004, hence the feeling of loss due to not having a Skaarj model or an ASMD shock rifle handy. Yet again, it\'s a well designed, complex map, and I\'m struggling to believe that this was built in GtkRadiant - it truly looks UnrealEd quality. The general theme of the map is an abandoned facility, which is conveniently laid out in a perfect setting for a tournament. Not to mention the liberal scattering of weaponry. It always creeped me out how buildings could be left in such a perfect state for people to run deathmatch competitions in. It\'s just [b]too[/b] convenient... We\'ll start with the grand tour. The first room seems to be some sort of storage room. There are two vats on either side filled with water, and other than that, the room seems empty and purpose-less. Nice environment for fragging. The weapons in this room are the thermal detonator, rocket launcher, concussion rifle, and tripmines. Not all are easy to find (but sadly, easier than they should be because of JKA\'s horrible floaty-gunny-spawn-point thing). Going through the cleverly-designed door (which I thought was just there for decoration at first), you\'ll come out into a small hallway. This room has no real purpose other than to connect the two major rooms. You\'ll find a few more munitions in here, but nothing really significant. Now, onto my favorite room. This last room is considerably more open than the previous two. As well as finding the more \'traditional\' guns in here, you\'ll find plenty of space, and plenty of cover, for some serious gunplay. I found the architectural quality of this room to be [i]very[/i] impressive. Overall, I could find very few flaws, and the ones I did find were more personal preference than actual rational flaws. The only problem you may find is that the botrouting isn\'t high quality (NormaN admits this himself), and that your FPS may be slightly sub-par. If you\'re looking for a nice arena for guns and duels, then this is the map for you. However, I do advise you to have a game with no force powers except Jump level 1 and guns only at least [i]once[/i] - because in a map like this, it\'s great fun to play as if JKA was a traditional FPS. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Team Free For All Duel Powerduel [b]Recommended Players:[/b] 10-16

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