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CG Sovereign Pack


Here is the Second version of the CG Sovereign Pack. This includes 11 named versions of the sovereign as well as one named version. These ships are highly detailed as was the orginial made by
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Chronocidal Guy. There appear to be 3 different types of sovereign (as in strength wise), the NX Sovereign which only has photon torpedoes and phasers (and a blue main deflector). Another type is the 70,000 registry range of ships (Sovereign, Imperial, Regal, Emperor, Monarch, Sultan, Pharaoh) with more powerful phasers as well as quantum torpedoes and phased torpedoes. The 3rd type is the \"80,000+\" registries, which have the most powerful phasers, torpedes and stronger shields (Excelsior B?, Supreme.) The Enterprise has the strongest hull and shields, although has the same weapons as the standard type of Sovereign, mentioned above as the 70,000 registry range. All of the ships have differences, although some are similar. In a test against two Dominion Warships, all of the ships faired differently. (in the assumption that not everyone fires continuous streams of torps) [b]NX Sovereign[/b] - Could only cause shield damage or minor damage to the shields of one of the warships. [b]\"70,000 Range\"[/b] - Depending on who gets the first shot, these ships can take out both ships with moderate to heavy damage or if the dominion warships manage to fire their \"main weapons\" first then expect to be take heavy damage or be destroyed fairly quickly. This Sovereign against the Dominion Warships is 50/50 depending on who gets the first shot. [b]\"Enterprise - E\"[/b] - Generally the same as the \"70,000\" range but will win more battles against the two dominion warships due to its stronger shields and hull. [b]\"80,000 Range\"[/b] - These ships will almost always win against the 2 dominion battleships. These can relatively quickly take out each of the warships while taking only moderate to heavy shield damage. The clocking device adds another advantage to the fight where as it can use cloaking hit and run attacks. Overall these ships maybe too powerful, since one dominion warship should be slightly more powerful than a sovereign or at least about a match for a sovereign, they are still fun to use.

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