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DungeonDoom incorporates most key features of roguelike games. Levels are largely composed of mazes, which are generated with a pseudo-random number generator. Levels have stairs leading either to
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higher or lower levels of the dungeon. The lower the player descends into the dungeon, the stronger the enemies get. The modification is highly extensible and the current 8.0 build of DungeonDoom includes an overworld, a storyline, random quests, special level bosses with special abilities, a magic system, an equipment system, a character developement system, a player ability system and various playable characters, including a collectible card variant using the 'card master' and a sword-wielding combo performing ninja. You start your quest in the wilderness in front of the gates of the city of Asiris. A dark path leads to a mystical pyramid, south of the gates of Asiris. Below this pyramid, you will find a deep, extensive dungeon, which houses numerous tough enemies... [b]This is the Windows version.[/b] ----------------- What's new: ----------------- - Alternate gameplay modes for instant action: -- Arena: fight against a neverending stream of monsters. -- Challenge: recieve a given amount of experience and gold, upgrade your stats and grab some stuff at the shop and then try to finish a 4 level challenge. 1 of 4 possible challenges will be chosen randomly. - More details in the wilderness - Iron Maiden monster in three variations. If you look too long at Iron Maiden, you will become mesmerized and unable to move or shoot your weapons for a given period of time. - inclusion of larch and insane monsters (comblood). -------------------------- Features highlight: -------------------------- - A practically endless wilderness with various places to visit, including the City of Asiris, various quest goals and a pyramid (south of the gates to Asiris at the end of the dark path), which serves as an entrance to the Dungeon. - Up to 100 randomly generated maze levels with randomly placed monsters. The strength of enemies increases the deeper you descend. Exits are blocked by pentagrams until all enemies have been spawned. - Five player classes: Fighter, Psi-Fighter, Supernatural, Cardmaster and Ninja with varying abilities to wield weapons, execute combos, use magical skills and/or use magical card decks. - Three different difficulty settings with variations in light level, trap visibility, enemy toughness and enemy behavior. - Three different choices for game length - ranging from short 20 level skirmishes to extended 100 levels adventures. - Three different player perspectives: Traditional first-person, overhead third-person and ninja 'follow-camera' modes. - 4 adjustable light levels with optional ambient lighting. - 16 different magical spells, some with 3 different skill levels. - Ammunition, potions, scrolls, armor and various light sources are available in shops. - Randomly generated magical item to improve your character. - Character development in 6 features: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Wisdom, Vitality and Alignment. - Special enemy and boss capabilities, including paralyzing, blinding, poisoning, teleporting, invisibility, spawning, confusion, shields, self-healing, item destruction and special projectiles. - Randomly generated "unique" powerful wizards that can master multiple special abilities. - Enemy AI tweaks including fleeing and flocking capablities. - Traps which cause damage, status effects or level transitions (trapdoors). - Magically summoned pet pinky (credits to tinman). - 10 different quests and 1 storyline. - Alignment influences storyline proceeding. - Refreshment fountains to replenish health or mana. - A final enemy, "The Balrog", with unique properties.

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