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Utapau Attack


GUESS WHO\'S BACK? YES, IT\'S MEEE! *Ahem.* This map actually went way beyond what I expected and I was pleased. i never played the first version but I assumed this would be some edited version
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of Utapau with maybe some increased reinforcements and a few moved objects. When I started playing I was a bit shocked to see it didn\'t resemble the shipped utapau at all and I was actually playing a brand new map. I take it this squirrel guy is new, because there were some notable flaws, but I\'ll get to that. On the plus side he definitely has the essentials down(object placement, vehicle spawning, side modification). First, the bugs. The AT-XT(which was another surprise to me) has a glitchy primary weapon where the lasers look like blocks. You\'ll see that in a screenshot. There is also some missing textures on the rocks for the Geonosian tunnel. At either end of the map where it ends in a cliff it gets really messed up. I remember on the CIS side there was stone cliff walls that you could only see from the outside and when walking around I fell through the floor into one of Utapau\'s trademark holes. Except there was some ground halfway down that I got pasted on...And there was something that looked like a waterfall...The last noteworthy bug was sometimes when looking at a busted mygeeto object my targeting doohickey would read \'imperial star destroyer\'. Anyway, the map itself had a few really interesting points. it wasn\'t until near the end after capturing the republic hangar/landing pad I realised there was a mygeeto bridge over the battlefield, which provided some excitement. The map is basically two bases at opposite ends of the map ending in cliffs. There is a fork which goes down to large roads, which cometogether at each base. Between and beside both roads are various Utapaun buildings. The CIS starts with more CPs thrughout the map, including one or two amonst the buildings. The Reublic has a couple of AT-TEs to compensate, though. Additionally, all the republic units have been reskinned and had their weapons switched around a bit. The engineers with chainguns got a bit annoying since there was a lot of them but droids get the droid marine as a bonus class. The clone team is mostly orange based now(including the AT-TEs). In conclusion I seriously enjoyed this map, and if you have the patience to download a 100mb map you can\'t pass this one up. Although item placement is pretty clumsy(plenty of objcts not really aligned/half buried by terrain) that will get better with time. I honestly can\'t wait for the next version. -K.

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