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4 Player roleplay diploamcy


Roleplay, Fortress Building, Poltics, Adjustable Command Factor, and Selectable Start locations ingame. The beginning is a bit confusing so I suggest you read this. Starting off - - Each person
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gets several carts at the top of the mountain, these have diffrent roles. The first ones are the one in the Base selection area. You move your cart into the chamber of the base you want. A gate will spawn and lock you in it so you may not choose more than one base. - The second carts are in 4 diffrent chambers, each is labeled with a number as well as a gate with the color of that player in it. There are three small patches in each of these chambers, a red, a light red, and a brown patch. These control the alliances and wars of the player. If you wish to declare war move your cart onto the red patch. To declare peace, movet he cart onto the light patch. - The host is the controler of the game. He can declare victory or defeat for all players, as well as kick players that refuse to follow the rules the host layed out at the beginning. He can also give warnings to the players if they become rowdy. This is done by 3 small patches at the bottom left of the hosts section. To control the command factor there are 4 squares at the top of the hosts area. !!!This is an early version and while out of beta there are some bugs left but the worst ones have been found and squashed!!! - Several know bugs include, -If everyone is allied and someone quits victory is declared -The waterfall currently looks funny at certain angles -Blending is not done well yet. -There are flammability issues in some areas -There are quite a few triggers and lots of trees that may slow down load times for older computers. Also leaving a unit on a war or ally spot results in a spamming war/ally declare message. Special thanks to Lucant, Thebravomastero, and Gorion for helping me beta test as well as inspiring me to finish the map. Happy Middle Earthing!

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