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{JAO} Clan Sith Reborn


Reborn reskins. We see plenty, don't we? But, don't sigh and click that back button just yet! Darth Swish has sent us the Beta version of the {JAO} clan's skin, and despite it being not only a
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Reborn reskin but also a clan skin, it's actually not that bad. The default skin is basically a blacked out Reborn, nothing special really. It's not paintbucketed, which is great. Normally, a plain black skin wouldn't make any impression on me at all, not even a bad one, but I quite like this because the skin hasn't changed at all as a result of the recoloring (except the color, obviously) - the detail is there, it's visible, and the whole skin looks about right for a leather outfit. That's not what I like about this skin at all though - what I like are the team skins. Despite the contrast between the vibrant team colors and the subtle black, the colored areas don't stick out like a sore thumb (don't quote me on that - your brightness settings might say otherwise). The whole skin seems to flow properly, and it looks like something a Reborn might actually wear. And, not a clan tag in sight! As with all files, there are bad points. I noticed that some areas, most notably on the back of the team skins, are just flat colors. At least, that's how it seems from the screenshot, but in-game you're not going to notice that - I certainly didn't. The second bad thing I noticed was where the central stripe meets the bottom of the hood on the back of the model - that just looks horrible. In all fairness that second mistake was made by Raven Software on the original Reborn model, and not the skin's author. Still, it would have been nice to see something done there. There's no bot or NPC support either. While NPC support isn't necessary, bot support would have been nice to have. On the whole, while it's not a masterful skin, it's certainly a good quality skin, at least. If you like dark skins, are a member of {JAO}, or collect Reborns (there's certainly enough to start a collection with!), give it a download. ~ Kouen [b]Team Skins:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]NPC Support:[/b] No [b]Custom Sounds:[/b] No

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