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Consortium Temple


Finally, we get a clan map without clan symbols all over it! In fact, I don't think I could find any clan symbols at all! It's set underground, which is certainly something that I don't think that
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I've really seen that much. It's not a huge map, it's actually rather small. Small, but not cramped. I rather like the somber, almost tomb like atmosphere in this map. Okay. First room. Or rather, the Entrance Hall. It's big, with lots of statues and fire. It's got two levels on it. The one with the statues, and the lower floor. The upper level goes off to the council room, or, as the author calls it, the Reunion Room. It's simple, like most of the map, but in a good way. It has twelve seats in a circular pattern, and that's about it. And now for the downstairs. There is a Technique room (aka duel room), a Pillars room, and a Tournament room. The technique room is basically like a duel room. It has a big pad and then there's an observation area around the sides of the room. There is fire on each corner of the duel pad. (Nice touch) The Pillars room, as you might guess, has pillars in it. But they're not big, hulking pillars as you might think. They're rather short. In fact, I think that this room could even double for a ceremonial chamber. And finally, the Tournament room. It's a big dueling pad with seats on the side. It's rather nice. In fact, I like how the four statues were placed. I liked the simplicity of this map, and all the torches. (Fire...ooooh...) But one thing that I didn't like was how the torches and fires were presented. They were placed fine, but it just looks like fire's sprouting out of bare stone. I was sad that this map didn't have music or bot support. I would've loved dueling some bots in the duel area.. So, this could use some work. But, it's a nicely done map. Yes, it's a clan map, but the only thing clannish about it is it's name, and the only reason I know that it's a clan map is because it says so in the readme. If you like this, download it. Bot Support: No New Music: No New Models: No New Textures: No Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, Holocron FFA, Jedi Master ~Zach

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