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Blur Sabers


This is the second version of Blur Sabers.. but I'm not sure what has changed, other than a few more bugs, and being able to select the default hilts. Even the Readme looks exactly the same, except
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two lines. Here is the Original review: [quote]WARNING! First of all I just wanted to say that the sabers in this mod move extremely fast, and flash around the screen a lot, so if you have any problems with flashing or strobe lights, then this mod might not be for you. Well, this is a very interesting little saber mod, I know I’ve seen super long staff sabers before, but I don’t recall seeing dual super long staff sabers (i.e. one in each hand) although it may have been done before, I’m not sure. :S These sabers are very powerful, and because they are so long and move so fast, they seem to be able to easily block any normal saber. I tested this with a server full of annoying bots and I was able to beat any of them within several seconds of swinging these sabers around! Besides that there’s not really much more I can say, these sabers are unusual, and certainly effective! wink There were a few small bugs that I noticed here though. To select the super long blades, simply select the guardian hilt in the dual or single saber menu. However once you put this .pk3 in your base folder, you can no longer select the Guardian hilt in the staff saber menu. :S One other thing I noticed is that the animations seem a bit jerky at times, but that’s probably as a result of modifying the sabers. All in all though a cool little mod here! smile I look forward to seeing more files from this author in the future! Just remember though If you have any problems with flashing or strobe lights, then this mod might not be for you! ~Nozyspy~[/quote] As I said, the only changed I see are that you can now select the default sabers in the menu, and a few more bugs. The first I discovered was when you use the "single" saber. You can't get the medium stance, and when you go to red, it sheathes one blade. When you attack, the second blade comes back, but to get back to blue, you have to change style, and second blade is sheathed, then while it's sheathed, change stance (hope I made sense!). The second thing I found was when you have dual sabers, and use the Main+Alt attack kata thingy, your character freezes. No force regeneration, can't walk, can't attack, can only spin. I personally don't like this, all it does is change a few numbers around to make fights even more mindless, and ridiculously easy. But if you're into that kind of thing... -Red

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