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[TW] Swamp Training v2


Well, basically, just like the last version, this map is the same as the Swamp Training map that’s just been uploaded, only this one has been slightly modified for the [TW] clan, with the addition of
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a [TW] sign on the top of the main building in the map! Apart from that I couldn’t see anything else different, so like last time I will just quote the review I just did for the Swamp Training map. :) If you are a member of the [TW] clan then you should like this! ;) [quote]Well here we have v2 of the recent Swamp Training map. There have been several big changes made to this map, the readme informs us that some new features include: A BIG sniping tower, A new look to the Secret Area, A new Meeting Room, and much more. The feature I liked the best was at the bottom of the pool. ;) Swim down to the bottom, and find the big black rock. Then attack it with your saber until it breaks up...and then you will see a hidden passage behind it which leads to a room full of pictures from an old game that the author says he plays, which I thought was pretty cool. All the original buildings are here too like the control room type one, and the wooden hut that has a bar inside. There’s also been a new room added to the back of this, which when you go down the steps in it, leads you into a very cool basement type place, with LOADS of bottles in it! Kinda like a wine cellar or something I suppose. Go through the door in this room and you will find a lift that will take you to the top of the VERY tall sniper tower. From here you have a really good view of the entire map, so it really is the perfect place for snipers! The meeting room accessible from the back of the control room type building was also very cool, kinda like an underground bunker. As with any map there are a few things that could be improved upon. I think it would be cool if there were maybe some more trees around the edge of the map, to make it feel a bit more enclosed, like a swamp. But that’s just me. :) And maybe add some more rocks too, and make the pool less square and a bit more jaggedy, so it looks more natural, unless of course its meant to be square! What is cool though is that the author has added a levelshot, so well done there mate. :) Not only that, but there is some new music too which sounds cool. I think it fits very well with the theme of the map I still couldn’t find the secret area, even with what Reelo said in the readme, why don’t you have a go at finding it? And see if you can do any better than me! ;) I did find a teleporter in a tiny little hut though, which took me to the extra duel room, with an observation area, and a shallow water filled area below with some rocks, it looked like a cool place to have a duel. All in all a nice update to the map here, I look forward to seeing if there will be a v3! Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master, Duel, CTF, CTY ~Nozyspy~[/quote]

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