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Ladies of the Sith - Cruise Liner


This map is supposed to be a cruise liner, designed for the Ladies of the Sith clan, though it contains no clan-related images inside of it that I could find. It just makes me kind of giggle that a
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guy named SkaterJohn16 made a map called Ladies of the Sith - Cruise Liner. But enough of my giggling. On to the map. The first thing that struck me was the music, and how much I felt it [i]didn't[/i] fit with the map's theme. It's a very fast-paced duel-type piece of music, and for it to be playing onboard some kind of luxury yacht just doesn't seem right. I would expected something a bit slower, more reminiscent to "elevator music". But then again this whole map doesn't really strike me as much of a cruise liner at all. There are no rooms, there's only one deck, and the thing is decked out in turbolasers and has starfighters. Doesn't particularly fit with my idea of a cruise liner. That said, the map itself isn't bad. I actually quite like it - I just think the name is unfitting. The map boasts three main areas: the main room, which is the only section I believe comes close to looking like a cruise liner, the bridge, and the starfighter areas. The main room is quite nice looking. It's got trees, what looks like hanging glass platforms, and what looks like quite a few fluorescent lights. The Imperial logos on the walls make me a little uneasy - I fear it would be something of a stuffy cruise ;). The bridge area is relatively small - only a fraction of the size of the main area - but it has a very unique design, which you'll have to see for yourself. It makes strong use of rounded brushes, giving it a more feminine look (which may or may not have been the point, but for a clan called "Ladies of the Sith" it sounds like a good thing). The third section, the starfighter section, is a bit blander than the rest of the map, giving it a kind of "behind the scenes" look. Kind of like how there's a nice restaurant, then a really stark bland kitchen. You don't need a fancy kitchen, you just need it to work. Same concept here, so the starkness of this area does not look out of place. This area leads to several bays which contain X-wings and Z-95 starfighters, in case you'd like to be blown out of the sky by the cruise liner's turbolasers. Fun times! Overall a pretty good map - plenty of room to run around. Personally I think it could be improved to better fit the theme chosen, but it works just as well the way it is. New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: No ~Inyri

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