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JS: Episode I


The innate problem with recreations of epic Star Wars battles is that nobody ever gets in 100% right. The further problem with Darth Maul battles is everyone gets it mostly right except for a few
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problems, [i]and they're always in different places![/i] Seriously... if we put them all together we'd have one hell of a recreation! This particular one isn't bad, though there are several flaws. Flaw number 1 is no sound :(. What's a good duel without sound?! We need lightsaber clashes! I realize it's hard on the FPS though, especially with lower-end PCs. Better to have no sound that a hideously choppy film. The next problem I had with this video is the filming style. It's a bit choppy. I'm guessing this author hasn't made dozens and dozens of film, as good camera control comes with practice. Don't worry so much about it - you can see from [i]my[/i] last film that my own camera control still isn't great, so it's just something to work on. Another thing was the filming didn't really get into the action much. All the shots were from a distance. Once again I'd put this to the amateur nature of the director ([i]not[/i] an insult, btw -- if you're not an amateur don't take it as an insult either :p). It's very hard to have any decent camera control, especially when you're inexperienced and the guys are jumping around like that. Speaking of which... maybe I haven't watched Episode 1 in a while, but I definitely do [i]not[/i] recall Maul, Qui-gon and Obi-wan jumping around like Mexican jumping beans! The last couple of beefs I had are really quite picky. First of all I remember at some point Obi-wan falls onto a lower platform - this isn't particularly shown. Then Qui-gon does the same move about 10 times in a row. My last accuracy beef regards the very ending. First of all I believe Qui-gon is stabbed on the left side (facing toward the forcefields), not the center, and of course we weren't able to see Maul sliced in half here, but that's more of a fault with the engine. Overall not bad. I've seen better, but with practice I sense this filmer has great potential. One last note to our [b]commentors[/b] - if anyone complains that the text is in spanish I'm going to hand out some whupass. There's no rule here stating anything has to be in English, so if you feel like you have to complain about that please take a deep breath, do some yoga to relax yourself, and move on to the next file. ~Inyri

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