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Insomniax Siege Mod


==================================== Insomniax Siege Mod v2.2 for Battle for Middle-Earth II By LedMirage 4/30/2006 ==================================== *** IMPORTANT NOTES*** a) While
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installing or uninstalling this mod make sure you have quit the game and are NOT running the game alt-tabbed out (minimized). b) Do NOT delete the original files \"ini.big\" and \"bases.big\", instead rename them or move them to some other folder, if you do lose them you will have to reinstall the game. c) Make sure to keep a backup of the last patch files \"ini.big\" and \"bases.big\", if you restore the wrong version files then you won\'t be able to patch the game properly when a new patch comes out. d) You WILL have problems patching to a new game version if you do not restore the game to it\'s original state (no mod files, *.big files restored) before patching. ==================================== Installation: ==================================== 1- Unzip all contents of this zip file into your: \"..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\\" folder, it should look like this after you extract them: ..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\data\\INI\\ (Inside the new INI folder there will be 5 subfolders and a lot of *.ini files) ..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\bases\\ (Inside the new BASES folder there will be 152 subfolders with a *.bse files inside each) 2- Backup and move out the original game files named \"ini.big\" and \"bases.big\", essentially the files have to be moved (or renamed) from it\'s default place so it won\'t override the modified files, you will find the files in \"..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\\" folder, you can either rename these two files or move them somewhere else, personally I make a new subfolder called \"..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\Backup of original files\\\" and move the \"ini.big\" and \"bases.big\" files there and rename them adding the patch version (\"ini v1.03.big\" and \"bases v1.03.big\" for example). 3- That is all, enjoy. ==================================== Uninstall: ==================================== 1- Select the following folders and delete them along with all their contents, these are the actual mod files you installed previously: ..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\data\\INI\\ (Inside the new INI folder there will be 5 subfolders and a lot of *.ini files) ..\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\bases\\ (Inside the new BASES folder there will be 152 subfolders with a *.bse files inside each) 2- Restore the files \"ini.big\" and \"bases.big\" ==================================== What does it do? ==================================== The very short version: 1- All buildings take one fifth the normal base damage from all damage types except from Siege units and flame damage; Siege units (catapults, ballistas) do half the normal damage; Ents, Mumakils and Mountain Giants do their normal siege damage. This rebalancing is short from just a small armor type change, all faction and hero powers were tested and had their damage vs. buildings scaled specifically vs. Buildings to offset the armor change and thus retaining the original intended \"end game\" damage from special powers. 2- Improved A.I.: Better counter logic, better group maneuvers, better army composition, new base layout, etc. 3- Fixed a number of game bugs: Mordor Doom Pyres bug, Mirkwood Archer Population count bug, Dwarven Guardian classified as cavalry bug, etc. 4- Global Wall Changes: Wall Hubs have 3 times (300%) more health. Wall Gates cost reduced to 250 for Isengard and Elven faction. Dwarven Wall Postern Gate Health fixed to match those of all Dwarven Walls Wall Armor value tweaks. 5- Added a new elven infantry unit the Galadhrim Soldiers, this was inspired by Steve Shepherd\'s (AKA Gholin) Elven Guard mod, however I ended up completely redoing all the animations and other stats, it took me more than four days to get all the animations working properly (EVERY animation works properly). 6- Added health regeneration for Monster units (Trolls, Mumakils, Giants, Ents, Berserkers) and Banner Carriers for ALL races, there is a standard delay when out of combat for the health regeneration to kick in: 15 seconds for Monsters, 20 seconds for Banner carrier hordes. This was completely based on Troll Buddy\'s \"Monster and Banner Regen Mod\" so credit for this much needed modification go to him.

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