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Hoth Academy


First off, if you borrow textures, it\'s a good thing if you include them in your map. Otherwise, no one will be able to see them unless they have the map. Second. Ow. This hurts my eyes. So much
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solid white. But, other than that, it was...spartan... By spartan I mean it was very open, and wasn\'t cluttered. In fact, there might have not been enough objects. The biggest downer about this map was all the missing textures. Okay, you first spawn in a with a force field. That\'s not really a big deal. The main area had two levels. A bottom and a top level. The bottom had a snowspeeder on the ground, along with a different craft that you could go into. The top area was a duel area, and, had missing textures. Meh. Another area was a hangar area, with what should be Slave 1. But, we have missing textures. Again. I would\'ve liked to be ble to go into Slave 1, but, I couldn\'t. The other thing in the hangar was what I thought to be a power core. Yet another area was this pit...thing... It was just grating and a pad at the other end that teleported you to a library. The library has holobooks, meaning that you can actually see through the books! There was a little puzzle thing, you have to get across it, and if you miss, you get teleported to a prison with an electrified floor. Not good. If you make it, then you get teleported outside the prison, and you can now laugh at the stupidity of the other people. The puzzle is very small. It would have been cool to have a maze-like thing along with it. Imagine. A maze, where you have to watch your step! I found two of three secret areas, (Or so I think) one of them is a small council room, wasn\'t all that bad, but the floor was solid white. The second one is supposed to be Calvary, where Christ was crucified. Wouldn\'t be all that bad, if the textures weren\'t missing. This map was very square, and what textures I could see, were very repetitive. So, put in the missing textures, and maybe work on the rooms a little, and it would be better. New Models: Yes New Textures: Yes (But they\'re missing) New Music: No Bot Support: No ~Zach

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