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Mod Description: Alright this is pretty long. In late October 2004, I began to make a Star Wars Sound/Music pack. It then became a mod and closer to total conversion ever since. It was basically
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supposed to be weapon skins, huds, menus, and music, but many people requested more and more. Therefore I winded up changing most of the AvP2 game. I heavily compressed most of the files in the mod, otherwise it would be around 700 mb or so. Im pretty sure this is the biggest mod ever made for AvP2, but size isnt the purpose of this mod. This mod is basically a "fun mod" which changes a lot of things to revive interest in the game and to, well have fun. Keep in mind that this mod is completely client side and was made to work on any server, EXCEPT for the multiplayer maps, which are needed by all players. Therefore there are no gameplay changes in this mod, however the gameplay may feel different with all the things changed in this mod. For those who only play online, you will only have half the fun you can have with this mod running. I suggest you try playing any of the three single player campaigns again, even any singleplayer custom levels. With all the new skins, sounds, and especially music changed, the singleplayer campaigns have a very cinematic feel to them. This applies to both actual gameplay and cutscenes. *Be sure to read the changes for both the mod and the Cultist rez files, so you understand whats what.* SW_MOD.rez Changes: A) Menus: 1) New Splash + Splash Sound 2) New Menus depicting mostly Vader in Ep.5 - Including new animated Alien, Marine, and Predator singleplayer menus. The menus should look and feel more cinematic now. 3) Battle Of The Heros, Vader Defeats Luke, Battle Of Endor 2, and Imperial March themes used on the menus. 4) The Harrison character on the singleplayer menu has been skinned to look like Luke Skywalker. 5) Many new text changes in the menus from the opening menum, to the difficulty select, to option settings, and to player select. 6) New custom level/loading screen background. 7) New loading menus. 8) New "You were killed!" or "Game Over" menu backgrounds. 9) New in-game credits. B) Huds: 1) New Marine Hud 2) New Predator Hud 3) New Exosuit Hud C) Music: 1) All and I mean ALL of AvP2's music has been changed to Star Wars Music from the 6 episodes. I selected only the best (most suitable) music from the movies since there wasnt enough to use them all. Alien music is mostly taken from Ep.1 and 2., Predator Music is mostly from Ep. 2 and 3, and Marine/Corp music is mostly taken from Ep. 4, 5, and 6. I carefully edited all the music to provide looping and to give each of the three species a different mood or emotion during gameplay. The music files should also suit all custom levels as well. Humans should feel like they're in an Empire era, aliens in a Republic era, and preds in-betweeen the two time periods. Note that the music files arent cheap and most are longer than the original AvP2 music. Furthermore the new music should support most (mainly all) custom levels at the time of this release, pretty well. D) Sounds: 1) New bar ambient sound of the cantina theme. 2) New Alien Sounds a) Facehugger sounds of Ewoks. b) Chestburster sounds of Jawas. c) Runner sounds of Howlers. d) Predalien sounds of Tauntauns. e) Praetorian sounds of Sand Creatures. f) Queen and Empress sounds of Rancors. 3) New Synth sounds of Stormtroopers. 4) New Predator Sounds a) Standard Pred sounds of Wampas. b) Heavy Pred Sounds of Jabba the Hutt. c) Light Pred sounds of the Sarlacc Pitt and Rhino. d) Assault Pred sounds of Jabba's Pig Guards. e) Some random sounds of Tusken Raiders, Bossyk, and Chewbacca as well. 5) New Human Sounds a) Jump land sound. b) All male sounds changed except for two - death, pain, inspect, attack, cower, retreat, and cocooned sounds changed. c) Nearly all female sounds changed as well. 6) A few new event sounds. 7) New Impact sounds. a) Bullet impacts now sound like laser bolt impacts. b) Spear Gun impact changed to a bowcaster impact sound. c) Knife impact sounds changed to lightsaber impact sounds. 8) New Interface Sounds a) Multiplayer loading, player selections, free fly mode, observere mode, vision mode, vision loop, chat, cancel, and cheat sounds changed to various sounds. b) Evac and survivor sounds changed to small music clips. This provides a more cinematic feel to the game. 9) New Item sounds for the pda and locked ammo. 10) A few new lift sounds. 11) New powerup sounds for weapon pickups, health, armor, and destroy. 12) New explosion sounds. 13) New debris sounds for flesh, glass, metal, and pred mask. 14) New weapon sounds. a) New turret and pickup sounds. b) New Alien facehug and headbite sounds. c) New exosuit sounds for mounting, dismounting, minigun, rocket, laser, and weapon selects. d) New sounds for the grenade launcher, hacking device, knife, minigun, pistol, shotgun, pulse rifle, sniper rifle and rocket launcher. - The knife sounds are changed to lightsaber sounds, while many others sound like laser bolt fire now. New select sounds for all of these as well. f) New flare toss sound - force push. g) New cloak, decloak, failcloak, lasertrack, and charge sounds for the predators. h) New wristblade, energysift, hacking, pistol, shouldercannon, spear and speargun sounds. Energysift has a deathstar charging up sound and a few others have laserbolt fire sounds. E) Sprite Textures: 1) Clear nightvision, new railgun scope (Zem's Sniper Rifle Scope), and synth blood is now normal human blood since synths are human in the mod. 2) New explosion textures. 3) New spiderflare textures - somewhat like a thermal detonator. 4) New muzzle flares to simulate laser bolts. 5) New cloak effects, disc trail, and alien electical auras. 6) New pred pistol projectile textures. F) Multiplayer Maps - with authentic custom textures and sounds: 1) SW_Bespin_V2 by HHO 2) SW_DeathStar by HHO 3) SW_Republic Destroyer by Artalavista 4) SW_Tatooine by Artalavista G) Singleplayer Maps - with authentic custom textures and sounds: 1) Assassin by Artalavista 2) Tatooine Getaway by Artalavista H) Worldtextures: 1) Added planets/space stations to certain skies. - Alesserfate has Alderann and the Death Star in the skybox. It should feel as if you're in-between the two as the Death Star is positioning itself for an attack. - Lucifer's Fate has Kashyyyk and Mustafar in the skybox. 2) Intro and Outro cutscenes now have the 2nd Death Star and the solar system from Ep.5. I) Skins: 1) New attachment textures for helmets, hats, smartgunner, and shoulder lamp. 2) New powerup skins for some weapon pickups, ammo pickups, armor, and health. The health pickup also uses a new model of a bacta tank as in many Star Wars games. 3) Various props skinned including ammoboxes, motion tracker, and uniforms to match character skins. 4) New SFX skins a) Debris textures for muzzle flares and effects. Synth guts are also human like now. b) Rockets, grenades, and flares skinned black to match guns. Energy bolt is now green. c) New bullet shell textures. 5) All marine weapons/tools skinned to match weapons used by the Rebel Alliance, Empire, and Republic. - Except for the flamethrower which uses Boba Fett flamethrower textures, and the sniper rifle which is based on the sniper rifle in the game Star Wars Bounty Hunter. - The knife, pistol, and pulse rifle use a custom models to make them appear as a lightsaber, blaster, and a blaster rifle in 3rd person view. 6) All predator weapons/gear skinned. I know they look nothing like anything in the movies, but the weapon models look nothing like anything in the movies. Therefore I tried to give some of the weapons a matching look of custom bounty hunter gear and somewhat tie it in to the green laser fire by the Empire. It was either this or nothing for the predators since this is mostly a human mod. - However, the spear and speargun use custom models to make them appear as a sith scepter and a bowcaster in 3rd person view. 7) All human characters skinned for both singleplayer and multiplayer. The guard skin was the only skin not made by myself, as it was made by Artalavista. Also note that many of the skins use model changes and the Tavion character uses Coty's "Tomika's Daughter" model. I also added hair, ears, skin, and nails, to many skins/models that didn't have them originally. Probably only the modders and skinners will notice all the little changes though. Anyways, here is a little list for those who want to know who's who: (maroon = bad guy) (blue = good guy) (teal = varies) Default AvP2 Skins SW_MOD Skins Ape Suit Reborn Twin Combat Synth Swamp Trooper Convicts 1 + 2 Prisoners Drop Pilot + Obrian (Johnson) Jaden Korr Drunkard Tech Saboteur Eisenberg + Bloody Eisenberg Imperial Officer Female Lab Synth Female Merc Female Lab Tech Female Saboteur Grenadier Jedi Guard, POC Guard, Officer, POC Officer Trooper and Color Varied Cultists Harrison Luke Skywalker Hazmat + Hazmat Harris Galak (Imperial Officer) Laborer Imperial Worker Lab Tech Auditor New Reborn Lt. Mcain Jedi Male Lab Synth Merc Male Lab Tech Saboteur Mean Guard Shadow Trooper Merc1 (Ivan) Count Dooku Merc 2 (Dunya) Tavion Merc 3 Darth Maul Merc 4 (Dimitri) Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker - Evil) Minigunner (Jones) Mace Windu Mr. Nutty Jedi Pulse Rifle Girl Jedi Pulse Rifle Guy Qui-Gon Jinn Pulse Rifle Marine Jedi Railgunner SP + MP (Ichirio) Obi-Wan Kenobi Rykov The Emperor Rykov Jr. Chancellor Palpatine Sadar Gunner Jedi Scientists Imperial Officers Smartgunner Kyle Katarn Smuggler Chiss Tamiko Imperial Officer J) Vision Mode Skins: 1) Heat Vision - All humans skinned to look like the vision mode textures in Zem's Sniper Rifle. (In Ep. 2) 2) Electro Vision - All aliens skinned to appear like the vision mode textures in Zem's binoculars. (Ep.2 as well) Although this one isnt as exact as the heatvision since it would look messed up in AvP2 if made it so. - Humans skinned to preserve character skins in this mode as well. 3) Nav Vision/Pred Tech Vision - All humans are skinned in this vision mode also. However I made this one up by myself just to keep characters like Obi-Wan to stay looking like Obi-Wan and not Ichiro. Characters look jelly like and hi-tech in this vision mode. Looks cool anyway. K) Misc Changes: 1) New multiplayer icon for Server Control (Star) = Yoda 2) "You were kicked from the server" changed. I'll let you see this yourself. 3) A bunch of multiplayer messages changed to various quotes from the movies. I made one or two up for laughs. 4) A few mission objectives changed to support the new skins. 5) Marines are labeled as Jedi, Iron Bears as Sith, Weyland Yutani employees as the Empire and Dark Force users, and Predators as Bounty Hunters. This is actually an important change in the mod, but couldnt find anywhere else to state it. 6) I chose to use only Jedi and Sith for the multiplayer skins, since they are mainly the most important characters. SW_CULTIST.rez Changes: This rez file replaces AvP2's default guard skin to a Dark Force User: The Cultist. This was the original skin I made for the mod, but I replaced it with Artalavista's Trooper guard skin to support his maps. Its up to you whether or not you want to use this skin, but I recommend using this skin for AvP2's singleplayer campaigns, as it matches the other guard skin more accurately than Artalavista's.

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