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Aliens vs Predator 2

Star Wars sound pack Add-on


Add-On Description: While I was making the SW_MOD, I had a lot of sounds that I couldnt implement into the multiplayer part of the mod (Mainly taunts). So I gathered up all the taunts from the
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characters in the movies and created individual mini-sound packs for each character. Each sound pack contains only four sound files taken from actual people in the movies, except for C-3PO (some might want his taunts). You\'ll notice there are many similar names for some of the rez files. Each rez that contains a number, is the same character with taunts on a different subject whether its the force, anger, fighting, persuasion, teaching, statements, etc. The sound packs are designed to overwrite the SW_MOD multiplayer male human taunts. Although these sound packs do not require the mod to work, I suggest running the mod and using these sound packs to somewhat customize the mod to your liking. You have a total of 45 mini-sound packs to play around with. Enjoy. LIst Of Sound Packs: 1) Akbar 2) Anakin 3) Anakin_Evil 4) Anakin_Evil 2 5) Ben 6) Ben 2 7) BobaNew 8) C3PO 9) Clonetrooper 10) Dooku 11) Dooku 2 12) Emperor 13) Emperor 2 14) Emperor 3 15) Emperor 4 16) Grievous 17) Grievous 2 18) Jango 19) Lando 20) Luke 21) Obi-Wan 22) Obi-Wan 2 23) Palpatine 24) Palpatine 2 25) Sidious 26) Sidious 2 27) Solo 28) Solo 2 29) Stormtrooper 30) Stormtrooper 2 31) Vader 32) Vader 2 33) Vader 3 34) Vader 4 35) Vader 5 36) Vader 6 37) Windu 38) Windu 2 39) Yoda 40) Yoda 2 41) Yoda 3 42) Yoda 4 43) Yoda 5 44) Yoda 6 45) Yoda 7 Recommendations: I personally like to use all the Vader packs, Emperor/Palpatine/Sidious packs, Anakin_Evil packs, Obi-Wan/Ben (Kenobi) packs, Luke pack, and the 2nd Windu pack. These are probably the best to use for intense fighting although a few of them have some slow paced taunts. Also the Anakin_Evil packs seem very funny to hear in AvP2 to me. \"You underestimate MY POWER!!!!\" Classic lines. Many of the Yoda packs are slow paced, but I\'d use them if you want to teach some noob some lessons about the force lol. The rest are good as well, but dont have as many powerful lines. However they do contain more humor.

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