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Ethnically Diverse Units


[quote]It always bugged me that for example the Germans would have a Native American scout \"in their employ\", or that the Malinese would have Caucasian looking warriors, so I decided to add some
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more ethnically correct units into the game. So this is what I have so far - three styles if you will, applied to three early units - Settler, Scout and Warrior. The Caucasian settler got a bigger family and a wagon, which is inspired by heroes182\'s Gipsy Wagon (and I also use the modified texture he made for it). The Caucasian scout is now the default scout for civs (since most are Caucasian or Caucasian-ish) and the warrior is just the vanilla warrior (he\'s not in the zip I just put him in screenshot for comparison). The vanilla scout now became the Native American scout, and the warrior and settler were appropriately modified. Finally the African units use modified versions of my African Warrior. They all look very similar but I think it\'s also somewhat historically correct. Although if anyone would like to provide better skins (for any of the units) I welcome the help (ditto for the buttons, I just quickly whipped them up so they\'re not the best just enough to tell the difference). The units come in a mod since obviously this is more than just graphical modifications. The Native American and African versions are setup as unique units for appropriate civs. Native American are unique for Aztec and Inca, and African are unique for Malinese (strange there are no more African civs in the game). They do not have different stats however, the idea is that they are exactly the same units as the default ones and the only difference is in their looks. If you\'re going to be merging this mod with others make note of the CIV4FormationInfos.xml file. I use a 7-person formation for Settlers so that it won\'t clash with such mods as 5-formations by anhu or seZereth\'s Regiments mod. This should make it easier to merge. I\'m hoping this will become an ongoing project and I welcome any ideas and contributions. For now however, I want to limit this to units below (before) and including the swordsman, so that the project doesn\'t grow too much too fast. Myself, I\'ll be concentrating on the settler, scout and warrior for now. Also, I don\'t necessarily think that there is a need (utlimately) for each unit to be unique for each civilization - for example it would be perfectly acceptable to have the same looking settlers and warriors for say English and French.[/quote]

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