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Battlefield 1942

Action Battlefield


Sir. Moonquake has officially released Action Battlefield Beta 1.0. Here are the classes: [b]Scout:[/b] - Knife: right click makes you scream in anger! - Pistol - Sniper rifle: stays
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zoomed until you press the zoom key again. - Defensive grenades: 4 seconds delay - Recon binoculars: can also be used to help anti-tank soldiers who use mortars. - Burst jetpack: each click of the mouse activates the jetpack temporarily for a quick burst. Limited amount of fuel in the tanks. Can be refilled at any ammobox. You are propelled to the direction where you look and if you are falling down too fast, you won�t be able to use the jetpack. You must slow your fall down with the parachute. [b]Assault:[/b] - Throwable knives: aim at your enemy�s head for a fatal strike. - Pistol - Long range machine gun: regular firing rate, low recoil - Defensive grenades: 4 seconds delay - Offensive grenades: detonates on impact, careful with that! - Short range sub-machinegun: high firing rate, more recoil [b]Anti-tank:[/b] - Knife: right click makes you scream in anger! - Pistol - Bazooka: they now have an explosion radius! - Defensive grenades: 4 seconds delay - Landmines: now partially hidden in the ground, use right click for various throw power. - Portable mortar: drop on the ground, artillery assistance: right click to get scout targets. [b]Medic:[/b] - Knife: right click makes you scream in anger! - Pistol - Double shotgun: the closer the more damage you do. - Smoke grenade: 1 smoke grenade to start with, then it takes 30 seconds to prepare and use the next one if you press the reload key. Effect lasts for a good 45 seconds. - Personal medipack: more healing capacity, for immediate use. - Throwable medipack: a medipack that you can leave anywhere for long-term medical assistance! Carrying 3 of them. Stay at their location as long as the owner lives. [b]Engineer:[/b] - Buildable bunker: place the toolbox and wait for the bunker to appear. Use repair tool to finish up construction. Bunkers can be destroyed. Respawns as long as the owner stays alive. - Pistol - Flame-thrower: flames slide on objects, perfect for clearing bunkers and houses. - TNT - Buildable Aagun: place the toolbox and wait for the aagun to appear. Use repair tool to finish build. Aaguns can be destroyed. Respawns as long as owner stays alive. - Repair kit: more repair capacity [b]It includes the following maps: [/b] - ABF_Aberdeen - ABF_Ambush - ABF_Battle of Bulge - ABF_Berlin - ABF_Bocage - ABF_El Alamein - ABF_Gazala - ABF_Guadal Canal - ABF_Iwo Jima - ABF_Kharkov - ABF_Kursk - ABF_Longfield - ABF_Market Garden - ABF_Midway - ABF_Omaha Beach - ABF_Stalingrad - ABF_Tobruk - Coral Insomnia - Wake Evenings

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