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Taspir Power Complex


This is certainly interesting. NAB622, along with Metaphysical Anomaly and StolenBlade, have redone the default Taspir map (FFA5). They have added increased detail, made much more of the map
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accessible, and added a power complex! While the main part of the map hasn't been modified that much, it is noticable. It's darker than the original Taspir map, which I think is a downer. One thing that has been added that decreased confusion for me was that the authors color coded the buildings. The authors have also added a sense of realism to the map. In the old version, you could get righ up to the lava and take no damage. Not so here. If you get close to the lava, you slowly take damage. Kudos for the realism! All the previously unreachable areas of the map are now reachable, and there have been dueling areas added at the top of every building, except for one, but then it has a rather interesting tower. :) The authors have also added a lava spout at the bottom of the map. (Which is nice seeing as there's a power plant, although it would have looked a bit more realistic if there were more spouts, or if there was a small lava fall.) And as a side note, in the default taspir there is a lava ''glitch'' where you can spawn a rancor in the lava and go ''lava diving''. Not so in this version. Now on to the power complex. You enter through a door that was previously blocked, and you go into a large corridor. Along the corridor there's a long window that shows the complex itself. The area itself is pretty big, but is occupied with power generators and walkways. The dynamo (That's what I think it is) has five pillars, and four of them are glowing with electricty. But don't touch! It's deadly! ;p The authors also put in a ''control room'', which has a protocol droid in it, as well as a tube with lightning in it, covered by panels. A nice touch. You can lock the door top the control room as well as put a force field around the upper half of the dynamo. there is also a control panel on the upper level of the dynamo with which to close off the area. The author did mention a few bugs in the map. The first one is that it can be VERY clippy. But the author included a document in the file that gives suggestions about how to fix it. The second on that he mentioned that sound sometimes leaks from the processing plant tubines, but this is seemingly erratic and doesn't happen all the time, but it is annoying. The author plans on fixing it in his next version. I think that this map would also be good for RPG's because of the added power complex, but that's just me. This map does has a few secrets in it, and I didn't have that much luck in finding them. So if you want a break from the regular version of Taspir, or if this interests you, then give this a download! New Music: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Zach

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