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Village Training


This is the author's first map, and so, it's not that great. But it is conservative. It's basically an attempt at a courtyard with a tower in the middle and a couple of buildings. The buildings are
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simple, and house various weapons. I would have liked it if the author had done a little bit more to make the buildings vary, but, it works for the first map. The tower in the middle cannot be accessed without teleporting, and luckily there is a part of the map that will teleport you into it, unless you break through the bars (something I found by accident) . It's actually fun. There's a pen at the other end of the map, and you walk into it, and it flings you across the map into the teleport bin. The place in the tower that you teleport into is barred, but there is an elevator that goes up. The tower wan't a bad idea, although it did have a small problem. When you are below the tower you see the floor fine. Above it, and you can't see the floor anymore. All you see is a grey grid that goes off to the side slanted, kind of like a shadow. The author has also included a dueling area for the duelers out there.I didn't notice it at first, because the building that leads to it is dark, and I don't like dark places. I would have liked it if the author had put lighting in that building and or a sign that said "Dueling Area".But the Dueling area itself is pretty nice, with a dueling pad, some stands, and a swimming pool. You even ''jump'' off the diving board! Just don't jump too high, cause the water isn't that deep. There is supposedly a forcefield that goes around the dueling area, but it doesn't appear to work. I did like how the dueling area was set up. Other than the problems mentioned above, it wasn't that bad of a map. It also supports gametypes than FFA. If this catches your interest, give it a download! New Sounds: No New Textures: No Bot Support: No New Models: No ~Zach

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