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Morrowind Player Models


Well this is just an updated version of SithDagger's previous Morrowind player models. This is what he says he has changed [quote]Comments: This is a V2.2 of Morrowind player models, I have
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fixed the mesh ripping along the shoulders on the male models, as well as stripped the sounds. I have made the Argonian Female SP capable. And I found a bug, that when there where a lot of skins and models in my base folder the argonians did not show up, I found this to be because the pk3's where named after the race, which made them appear above the assets pk3's, I have renamed them, and now they seem to work fine under any conditions. I missed a weighting point on the wrist, it is now fixed. I fixed another weighting problem on the wrist, as well.[/quote] And now Inyri's original review. [quote] It's pretty easy to tell which parts of these models the author skinned himself and which were part of the original model's skin. However instead of the skinning, I'm going to start with the weighting, which the author also did himself. On the first model I looked at, the weighting seemed rather good. On the second, the Argonian male, it was not quite as good. In fact during several animations the mesh around both of the shoulders would tear quite badly, leaving a gaping hole in the model. As for the skinning, I noticed that most of the added textures were flat. No attempts were made to shade them where there would normally be shadows/hilights, and I even found that on some of the models parts of the textures were placed so badly that they overlayed onto other parts of the mesh. For instance with the Argonian male model, the "shorts" texture is clearly present running down the length of the calf. Oops! Overall the textures are flat, the models rigged poorly, there is a lot of stretching around the joints, and basically takes advantages of the strengths of the original modeller and his textures. I hope the author will practice his skinning techniques (and weighting techniques) a bit more for next time, because honestly I think mesh tearing and flat texturing has somewhat ruined this model. Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes (some are new, some are Jaden) NPC Support: No ~Inyri [/quote] So yea, that's about it. ~Zach

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