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The Lost Enclave


This map is very nicely done, to say the least. It's very big, and the idea behind it is that it is a pirate archeological dig, which fits it very well. More background is that the dig is on a world
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inhabited by the long dead Methusans. On to the map. First off, as I said before, it's huge. The author says that it's just about three times the size of a normal FFA map. It's believable. Now, I liked to mood that the music gave the map. It's slow, and it's violins, giving it a sad, sombre mood, which is fitting because it's in the ''memory'' of a long dead race. I also found the lighting to be very fitting for the environment in which the map is set. It's mostly dark, with the exception of a few light beacons, supplemented with lighting coming from wall structues pointing down (I don't know what they're called, I wish I did. :( ) Then there was the way it seemed natural. Then there was the crystal room. That, in my opinion, was the centerpiece of the map. A big, revolving, glowing green crystal, really adds a nice touch. Especially seeing as the Methusans were experimenting with other types of fuel and energy. The author has also tried to put in some Knights of the Old Republic elements into the map, since he liked the sith on korriban so much. The way he has tried to do this was by putting statues around the map. Although they are blocky, hey also add to the archeological air of the map. On to the main area of the map. It was very open, with what looks like an air speeder parked on the ground. I went up to it, got on it, and tried to find the button that makes it fly. But it doesn't! Oh well, it stil looks very nice. The author also put in a nice chasm. Make sure you don't fall off the edge when you're in the main area, it's a long way down! ;) Now on to a few things that I found wierd, or may be bugs. In the main area, there were two small places that looked like there may be lights, I only saw grey pads, maybe it was just me. And for the second thing, when I would fall down and hit the bottom, and it'd be a few seconds before I'd die, although I couldn't move. I really did like this map, and I can see this being a map used for RPG's, or just regular FFA. I definitely think that this is worth downloading. Kudos to Lord Yoset for making such a nice map! New Sounds: No New Music: Yes New Textures: No Bot Support: Yes ~Zach

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