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Aliens vs Predator 2

Fk 1099


FK1099 V1.2 MOD FOR ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR 2 v1.0.9.6 Sept 21, 2005 Previous release was
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v1.1. ======================================================================= I. FEATURES AND MODIFICATIONS II. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS III. KNOWN ISSUES VI. CREDITS V. DISCLAIMER The FK1099 MOD is not officially supported by Monolith Productions, Inc. or Fox Interactive. NOTE: This mod is specifically designed to work with AVP2 version Using other modifications or on older versions of AVP2 may lead to unpredictable results. This is the MICROSOFT WINDOWS 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 version. This will NOT run on Linux... period! IMPORTANT NOTICE: THIS MOD IS NOT AN ANTI-HACK MOD. THE ONLY THINGS THIS PREVENTS IN TERMS OF HACKING IS NAME HACKING. THIS WAS DONE TO HELP PREVENT IDIOTS FROM TAKING SERVERS DOWN. THIS MOD ALSO HAS OTHER ANTI-CRASH CODE IN IT. BUT NO MOD CAN STOP 100% OF SERVER CRASHING ACTIVITIES, LITHTECH ENGINE HAS MORE HOLES THAN SWISS CHEESE. NOTE: FOR THIS MOD TO BE 100% FUNCTIONAL, IT REQUIRES AVP2SERVFE SERVER APP VERSION V1.7.4.6 OR LATER. ALSO, IF RAN ON A NON-DEDICATED SERVER, SOME STUFF WILL NOT FUNCTION OR GIVE ANY VERBAL FEEDBACK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I. FEATURES & MODICIATIONS __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ This version is a server-side mod which has several features. These features are: AXP/FUZZY ANTI SPAWN KILL Spawn Protection Mode has been provided to spawning players. Spawn Protection Mode protects players when spawning. While a player is in Spawn Protection Mode, he/she will not be able to attack or be attacked. They will be able to do many other functions, however. NEW IN FK1099: You will be allowed to choose a weapon to have it ready, but if you fire it, you will be set back to the DEFAULT WEAPON. When a player spawns, they will be protected indefinitely (DM, TDM) or for 30 seconds (EVAC, HUNT, SURVIVOR, OVERRUN) ... or ... until any of the following criteria is met: (1) Player jumps at any time. (2) Toggles on Crouch Toggle or Wallwalk Toggle. (3) Player Taunts. (4) Player moves (includes pouncing) exactly 400 game units from spawn point. This gives adequate distance for spawning players to move out of harm\'s way or spawn campers prior to exiting spawn protection mode. Upon completing any of the above listed tasks, the player will be immediately removed from spawn protection mode and will be vulnerable to attack. Players be allowed to most tasks while still in spawn protection mode such as: (1) Cloak (if predator) (2) Change vision modes (3) Turn and/or straffe (4) Move a few feet or so (Max 400 Game Units) (5) Send messages (6) Switch weapons (7) Fire weapons (doing no effect) (8) Adjust settings (hotkeys, video, sound, commands, etc) and the list goes on... If an alien player pounces from spawn protection mode, any victims within the spawn protection leash range will be uneffected by the pounce attack. If the alien finishes the pounce within his spawn protection leash, he will remain in spawn protection until one of the above listed criteria is met. If the pouncing alien exits the leash distance at any time during the pounce, he will immediately exit spawn protection mode. That means he could be in mid-air when he exits protection mode. It is important to note that players that are in Spawn Protection Mode are somewhat invisible to other players (except aliens as they can see the aura).

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