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Love Path (Dark Force Mod v.11)


When I first took a look at this I was pretty apprehensive as it would be my first review of a mod. But I can say one thing. This was extremely fun! First off player models are a lot bigger, and you
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spawn with all force powers. It comes with four sabers, which are all pretty cool. (I like the saber of Wind, because it's a staff and I can throw it! :p All saber blades are longer. You also have a ''Quad'' command which makes your dark side force powers go up to level four, along with a very cool aura. Oooh! Aah! As a side note to the ''Quad'' command you get a similar effect when you use the Sword of Earth of the Sceptor of Mightiness. You also have a '''Battlesuit'' which looks like a bunch of shield centered around you. You also have another sheild, which is a ''Magnetic Shield" Which supposedly protects you from blasters. Did I mention that your regular shields recharge? The mod also redid the effects of the Bryar Blaster Pistol, giving its primary attack a purple bolt that makes lightning shoot all around when you hit someone, and the secondary luanches a smart bomb! Don't get too close, it'll kill you too! (Hehe I spent a lot of time launching myself around the map in undying mode using the smart bomb :cool: ) You also get the tusken sniper rifle when you spawn. You also have a higher force maximum along with a lot more health. There is unlimited chaining of saber attacks and other moves. You can also move around while doing Kata's, or even start Kata's in mid-air! There are also two new saber styles, Desann and Tavion. Henry has also modified some of the DFA's, changing it so blue stance uses the yellow stance DFA, while the Yellow DFA is totally new. Oh yea, have to include the bot, Kate_Walker. She is insanely hard. Don't try fighting her. Okay, now for a few bugs that I found. I tried using God Mode to launch myself around with the bryar, and that didn't work. The First person view is very messed up, it looks like the camera is in the player's chest. Also, if you go into third person the camera is centered on your back. You are not supposed to be able to do the staff's alternate attack (kicking) when using the Saber of Wind, but I found a way to do it anyways. :p Very good mod. I like it. Now I'm going to go put myself in undying mode and launch myself all around the map. :) If you like awesome force and or cheat mods, this is for you! ~Zach

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