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Rift Duel


Well, here we have a very nice little duel map. I always like duel maps, because they often allow you to put much more detail into them than you might on a normal map, because they are so much
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smaller you can ‘concentrate’ the detail. And there’s plenty of nice little details in this map! But before I get to that, lets have a look at what else is in the map. First of all the lighting. Now when I first loaded this map up the colours gave me quite a shock! Deep blue and deep red are an interesting mix! I suppose that blue lighting is kinda a must if you are making a Rift themed map (which this is) and the red lighting is also a must if you have lava (which there is some of in this map). After a few minutes though I got used to the strong contrast in colours, and I must say, I actually really like how the two colours go together, the deep blue from the blue crystals and the deep red from the lava looks cool! The sharp contrast adds a lot to the feel of the map. :) So I give two thumbs up for the lighting! As for the effects used on the map, the lava spurts and the fog look cool, but what I love the most is the blue and red coloured lightning that sometimes flashes down over the duel pad! The Obi-wan Vs Anakin music from Episode 3 also fits really well, its great music to duel to! Now onto the architecture, this is where what I mentioned about the detail earlier comes in. There’s plenty of detail crammed into this map. When you move out from the area with the lava and go into the tunnel there is tons of detail. Just look at how the pillars are made, and the really nice lattice type effect connecting the arches, it looks very cool. The texturing here also adds a lot to the overall feeling of detail. As well as that models are also very well used, some statues here and there, and good use of the Rift Crystal models. ;) One thing that bugged me though is that at the end of the tunnel there’s just a wall. :S It would have been nice if it ended in a little room or something, its kinda strange having the tunnel just ending abruptly with a wall. :( But apart from that, a very nice duel map here! I thought it was great. ;) If you like the look of it, why not give it a download? :) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: Duel, Power Duel ~Nozyspy~

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