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Darth Muriox


Darth Muriox V2 Here we have Merscil's second version of his 'Darth Muriox' skin. Original Review : [quote]Parts of this skin are done fairly well, while others seem poorly done. The sounds
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are one of the better parts. They are completely custom, although the "choke" ones reminded me of someone trying to throw-up. As the readme says, there are a lot of them too. Some of the skin itself was done well, but other parts are not so good... In some places it seems that the author skinned from scratch (or photosourced very well), yet others look like they were selected, then had the Hue/Saturation adjusted, and other parts looked like multiple copy/pastes of the same thing. The robes look pretty nice, especially up close. But then the face looks like someone bashed the left side of his face forcefully with a fire extinguisher, and the Master, Blue and Red team variant's pants are missing.The .skin file wants "pants03", but there is no "pants03". There is "pants04", but no "pants03". Basically, this skin has a few good things, and a few bad. Unfortunately, the bad outweigh the good. =( Nice try though! New Sounds: Yes Team Skins: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes -Red[/quote] Well in this version of the skin the author has changed a couple of things. First off the trousers for the master, blue and red skins are included. Thats always a good thing! The author also smoothed the face and tweaked the shading a little, it looks better than version 1 but still needs some work. I respect the author a lot for attempting to re-texture things rather than just recolour. However, the left side of the face still looks like those pesky jedi have gotten to him and beaten him up and the right side makes it look like he needs some sleep! Ok now these problems on the face are mainly because the author has his brush settings up to high, try this, when you select the brush you want set the Opacity and Flow way down, 100% makes it look way to harsh. I usually have mine set around 9-14% and then I can control the darkness of it. Team Skins, Bot Support and NPC Support are all included which of course is another good thing. There are a lot of sounds which make the size of the skin pretty large but the sounds are pretty nice and add a lot to the skin. This skin is promising and I hope to see the author's future skins, just remember to set your opacity and flow down by a lot! -ElegosVos

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