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Weapons Mod


For those of you who didn\'t see the first version of this mod: [quote]Let me start out by saying for any shortcomings this mod has, the detonation effect for the thermal/remote detonators makes it
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all worth it. I find two of the three PK3s here to be useless. Of course that\'s a personal opinion of mine, but the point I\'m trying to make is that the author was kind enough to separate the parts of this mod into three separate PK3s, so if I don\'t like two I don\'t have to use them. The two I\'m not thrilled with are the increased rate of fire, and the new sounds. Don\'t get me wrong, increased rate of fire and new sounds can be cool. For some of the weapons, however, I feel they fire a bit too fast. The repeater, for instance. I just think that increasing the fire rate kind of unbalances the game, but I\'m sure there are plenty of people who don\'t hold that view. The sounds would have been cool to have, if I could tell they were different. Now I\'m sure they are, but my rule of thumb is if you can\'t tell without comparing them to the originals, they\'re not different enough. The last PK3 is the best: the effects PK3. This changes a few effects. The ones I noticed most were the bowcaster, the DEMP, and the thermal/remote detonator effect. The bocaster\'s bolts are not longer just a green color, but something of an orange sphere or crescent. It\'s really neat looking, but hard to describe. The DEMP\'s fire now looks like something of a red cloud - also a cool effect - though it doesn\'t go well with the lightning. The best effect, in my opinion, is the detonation effect. The screenshots I took really don\'t quite do it justice. It\'s just a huge explosion. It\'s insanely large, but cool anyway. If you\'re looking for a little change to your weapons, I\'d suggest at least giving this a look. If you don\'t like it, it\'s not such a big download that you\'ve wasted too much of your time wink[/quote]Now I still think the explosion effect is the best. Some of the other changes I\'m not so fond of. The bowcaster has been improved by making the bolt green, but retaining the crescent from the first version. I do prefer the old DEMP\'s effect as opposed to the new one, which is not kind of a pink color. The repeater now has kind of a cyan tint to it, and several other explosions have been slightly modified (like the fletchette\'s explosion effect). As for the sabers, the only change I can detect is that the clash sparks are now huge and take up the whole screen. Is this good or bad? I don\'t like it much, but it\'s really up to individual taste. ~Inyri

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