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The Imperial Space Station


Why do all space station maps have to be imperial? Can't we just for a change, have a spaceship that isn't imperial? I think the Tantive IV map is the only non-imperial shaceship map I've ever
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played. My memory does let me down from time to time though ;) Well...maybe I'll take this issue up with the author at a later time, but now, the review. It's a spaceship, so it makes sense that it's in space. What doesn't make sense though, is why the imperials would have lava pits, reborns (locked-up, not free) pictures of C-3P0 on their walls, various traps, a council room and a big button that says "Do Not press - you have been warned!" Naturally, I pressed that button, and obviously it ended up in my death, but have to stretch your limits of belief if you truly want to believe this is an imperial space ship as you have seen in the films. This reminds me of a clan map, but set in a spacestation as opposed to a boring council-typed building. The theme I guess is a welcome change, but not the general ideology within it's construction. The general standard of the architecture wasn't bad, it just lacked creativity, and there were a great many aesthetic problems - for example why the ship looks like a giant block from outside, and why the stairwells had stairs on the roofs, as well as the floor. However the issue I took up the most with was the general lighting. It's just so darn bland. There are light sources yes, but.... the light they emit looks so plain and monotonic that it really degrades the overall appearance of the map, and surely in the bedrooms, when you turn the lights off, the texture on the ceiling should switch to an off position also? Oh yeah, while I'm talking about bedrooms.... you can get trapped in them, due to the way the doors are engineered. First a forcefield comes down, then a metal door. These two aren't in sync, so you can end up being trapped because one opens but the other closes. Some other doors also opened too quickly to get through, but they did all have sounds :) Oh, and missing out the -vis stage in a compile is [b]NEVER[/b] a good idea. The framerate is alright when looking at eye level, but look up or down and it plummets to about 20. And furthermore there is no bot support. New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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