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Seraph Landing Pad


Making last minute changes without re-checking your map is always a bad idea. I've done it before, and I'm sure the author will be kicking himself once he sees the main bug with this map, as I'm sure
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if it had been there when he beta tested, it would have been noticed. The bug in question is basically a big missing brush which for some reason accidentally got covered in caulk or deleted before the final compile - allowing you to see into the void through a fairly large gap. This is highly unfortunate, as aside from that the map has some very good qualities. It comes 'equipped' with a nice new music track and full bot support. Of course, I hate the bespin sky, it's just plain ugly, but I shall try and put away my hatred of it for a moment here. This map is a good sized duel arena with some nice design allowing duels to flow between different areas of the map. The framerate is quite low in most sections due to the huge number of complex models and strut supports, which is a pity, as the number of struts used is slightly over-bearing and removing some of them might have improved the framerate [b]and[/b] made it look a little less cluttered. As it stands however, that is not the case, and the framerate suffers because of it. :( The other little problem was that you can jump onto the top of the supports dotted around the walls and see into the outside caulked areas of the map. Although for a duel the gameplay is made to suffer by the high number of triangles being drawn, it does look impressive. There's some very nice shadowing, architecture and dangerous water pools. The water texture used works in some pools and doesn't in others - in the darkly lit pools, it looks very odd but in the lit ones it passes as well as a default jk3 water texture could be expected. Everything is very sharp though - I think a few more curves here and there might have done wonders - oh, and I feel the need to protest against the textures used for the struts and their cross-supports. Overall though, it's clear that the author has a good eye for design, and he certainly found a good mentor to help him out, so I expect good things to come in the future :) New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~

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