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Major Payne's Bundle Pack of Ships


Well well well. What you have in this pack is not just one ship. As the title suggests, it's a "pack". What we have is no less then eight ships, eager to join in the battle for their corresponding
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race. Do note, the poly count's do vary to some low ones to moderate-high ones however a bit of odfing by myself and SuperStarAsh has taken this into account, so you don't need to worry about that! Included are four Federation ships, one Dominion destroyer (put in the Cardassian side), one Cardassian counter-Defiant ship, one Romulan science scout and one fearsome Klingon battleship: Federation Challenger Class - A two nacelle (Akula configuration) patrol ship with a steady armament based off the Galaxy class as a possible escort. As the larger ship required no escort, the Challenger was pushed back to more remedial tasks. The ship is good as a scout ship or destroyer in game but has been equipped with cruiser weaponry. Federation Niagra Class - A prototype that was built for the possible Borg incursions into Federation territory, although badly damaged in the battle of Wolf 359, in the cleanup of the site, the ship held together better then first scanned by the Enterprise and further models were built. Designed off the Ambassador class, she has three nacelles and is equipped with frigate weaponry. A nice ship to have alongside your Challanger, the two complement each other well. Federation Cardiff Class - Based off the Akira design, the ship uses latest Federation sensor technology and Vulcan warp technology to produce a design capable of going at high speed's and tracking ships along the Romulan border. What stand's this ship out from the rest is the annular warp nacelle(s) which make it quite a sight. Equipped with frigate weaponry, she has a decent sensor range. Federation Sapphire Class - Beautiful design based off Atolm's "Eden" class. The ship has been equipped with Sovereign weaponry and should be feared. Nothing else to say, it's THAT good. Dominion Virulent Attack Cruiser - A stunning design based off of the Attack bug you see so commonly in DS9, equipped with powerful weaponry, it is best you use multiple ships to take one of these down. She is beatable though but with a ship that look's that good, you wouldn't mind losing to it. Cardassian Kondal Class - An intriging design for a new Cardassian ship whilst co-inciding with standard Cardassian design. She look's good and is designed to counter the Defiant. Whether or not this is possible I don't know, but you can always try it out and I suggest you do. Romulan Science Craft - Refit a Talon and get this slightly larger, far more useful craft. Seen in the TNG episode "The Defector", she has a sensor palette on her aft quarter used for conducting scientific studies without the need for the larger D'Deridex. A neat little design which has some interesting features and generally a good bit of fun for playing about with in-game. Klingon ChoQ'Batlh Battleship - Wowzers. What happens when you get a D7 and then make it Negh'Varish? I can happily tell you it's this beast. Comparable to the Negh'Var, she is indeed powerful, dominating and Klingon. Look's good using a high detailed 512 texture set and is a must have for any Klingon armada. [i]If you have encountered any errors while using these ships, please contact myself or Ash, [b]NOT[/b] MaP as he didn't edit the text files. Thank you.[/i]

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