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SOR Clan Map


Oh boy, another clan map. Before I started playing I made a list of things that I thought would be in the map. Council room? Check. NPC spawning room? Check. Armoury? Check. Bar? Definitely. Duelling
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areas. Check. ;) Now, as you can see I wasn\'t too surprised when all of those things actually came up in this map, instantly confirming my original thought - another boring clan map. There are however, some things in this map to which I must give praise, for despite the lack of creativity here, it\'s not, on the whole a bad map - it actually has some very nicely designed areas, and there are very few clan posters e.t.c. I\'d better go over the two big negatives on this map first though. Lighting. Lighting lighting and more lighting. And the sloppy framerate. The lighting issues I have are due to the sheer number of unsourced lights. You can find them everywhere in this map, and I mean in practically every room. There are sourced lights, but the ratio of sourced to unsourced is very high. And overall it\'s far too dark in the majority of areas - with the only bright areas being the main entrance hall, and the entrance room. Then, as I mentioned, is the framerate. Have a look at the last screenshot. Everything in the map is always drawn to the player, vastly increasing the poly count being drawn at any particular times, and dropping a *poo* on your framerate from a great height. If you can get over the laggy framerate though, there\'s a decent eye for design to be seen at work here. Sure, you\'ve seen it all before, but for some of you it must never get old, even if it does for me. Some corridors do leave a lot to be desired, with repeating textures and very blocky and square architecture, but as you get further into the level the general quality improves significantly. There are still exceptions though, such as the awful maze. Not only is this section dull and boring, but you can also see the rest of the map through the roof. I especially thought the engineering of the shooting range was exceptional - I don\'t think I\'ve seen it done so well before. I need to get one thing straight with you guys - I dislike clan maps. If it was up to me...well, I\'m not sure what would happen. However, even I can admit the difference between the \'classic\' clan map, and a half-decent one. This is one of the better designed ones, but unfortunately it just doesn\'t have good gameplay or aesthetics. New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes (A bit buggy mind) ~Szico VII~

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