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Half-Life 2 Charlie Vigor DeathMatch Model


This model is an original player character for HL2 Deathmatch. She comes in three flavors, Police and Army outfits, plus a separate more detailed ragdoll using Alyx and female animations. Charlie is
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a high resolution character at 14.5k polys, with multiple high resolution textures for diffuse/alpha, specular and normal maps. Five levels of detail help keep framerates good and she is only 14.5k when at 2 meters from the character. [b]Technical Issue's/Workarounds:[/b] The level's of detail distances are set so that the skirt doesn't cut through the top of the thighs when in extreme positions. So at all reducing levels of detail the skirt remains over the legs even at maximum distance. Eyes work perfectly in HLMV for the models, but again exhibit strange problems in mods. The eyes will not track properly in-game until flex information is added to the qc compile file, which isn't included yet. Slap decided to fix separate pupils in place for the DM models and ragdoll, and left the tracking eyes in situ, but at a scale of 0.1 instead of 1.0. You can see the pupil but it is tiny. There is a fixed pupil mesh over the eyeball to keep a good looking eye setup. If you wish to recompile to use the tracking eyes, simply remove the pupil mesh over the eyeball in your favorite 3d program and recompile the model using a pupil scale of 1.0 and the eyes will be perfect in HLMV [quote]I would like to introduce Charlie to you. She is a completely unique HL2-DM & Ragdoll player character for your personal use and enjoyment. I always felt there was a lack of third party player models for deathmatch, so I set about modeling Charlie about a month ago. I have spent a huge amount of time creating this character, to have it as complete, and as usable as possible. The creation time has been well spent, as the model seems to work very well in DM, and as a Ragdoll in mods. There is one technical issue with the eyes detailed in the readme, but nothing to worry about as I have included a solution. [/quote]

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