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Sound2Vision: Dark Force Mod (9.0)


As far as I'm concerned, this mod can do no wrong. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun in JK3, even if it is n00by, stupid and oh so annoying fun. The best part? The new blaster pistol.
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Oh maan, that gun so owns. And the new sounds work with it as's as If I'd gone to heaven. Seriously, using it is [b]that[/b] good. Although, to put a lid on my enthusiasm, the primary fire needs some upgraded sounds as well. Anyway, the rest of the mod. You can read the readme file below for the full list of features, and there are a lot of them. I'm sure I didn't have time to try them all out, but what I found was goood. Aside from one thing. I played with a bot called Kate_Walker, and I'll be damned If I could kill her/it. I swear she's invincible. And to top that off, she runs around the level with cool glow trails and energy sparks whizzing around her. How is that fair? I wanted a cool energy aura too! :( Well, I suppose my player's default size being doubled does have its merits, such as 225HP and a hell of a lot of Force Power, but it also makes you a lot easier to hit. There are several new models/skins included also. Well, they're really only edited versions of default skins, but they look nicer, if more revealing, especially on the twilek model. Still, if that's your kind of thing. I'd rather be blasting them all with my pseudo-rocket launcher, personally, but hey, we can't have everything. The new grab move in Melee attack is also so so nice....although unfortunately the sounds don't quite fit with it. Furthermore, the dismemberments are somewhat more gruesome now. I think I sliced off Rosh's head at one point, which was extremely satisfying. Also included aside from the new weapons and 1st person view for your lightsaber are pumped-up force powers, which now extend to level 5. Basically, they’re all stronger, cooler, and with better range. I personally enjoyed the upgrades to the drain power the most. Now when you drain people, they actually lose health. That really made my day. ;) Sure, it's manic and some will inevitably look on this as 'plain stupid,' but I say to heck with them. This mod is fun, fun and more fun. Oh, and its fun. ~Szico VII~

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