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Ground Zero (Combat System Playtest)


Ground Zero is an in-depth, post-apocalyptic RPG inspired strongly by the Fallout series. Leveraging Doom 3's scripting engine and real-time graphic capabilities, we are creating a highly generative
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and dynamic game framework by placing the RPG within the context of a simple high-level strategy game. Factions, cities, and organizations, are networked with each other and the player such that the world evolves over time with or without the player's intervention. By creatively applying a range of skills and abilities, the player carves a niche for him or herself that may help shape the world after the bomb! The core mechanics of Ground Zero are exploration and the decision making behind your actions. It is a game of chance and consequences, of which combat is only one component. The most significant reason for the character skill/attribute approach is to create a uniform ruleset which is the same for all characters, player and computer-controlled alike. This creates a more consistent and predictable context for a variety of play styles, and instead of having to script out every conceivable option it allows for players to resolve situations in ways we could not necessarily foresee. ----------------- What's new: ----------------- - Linux build. - Bloom shader, courtesy of Use_Less (and SantaClaws). - Rudimentary melee combat: attacks are resolved as a compared check between attacker and defender. If the defender is holding a firearm, the blunt weapons skill is used. Attacker receives a bonus with angle of attack, where being squared off is minimal and being directly behind provides the greatest advantage. If the attacker wins, the defender takes a skill penatly for the remainder of the turn (which will be important for combos and called shots in the future). If the defender wins, the attacker is turned away proportional to the margin of failure. - HUD text is slightly larger. - New load screen and bullet holes should appear with all quality settings. - Monsters wake up at more appropriate times now, and pathing is greatly improved with a little monster_clip hack. Shoould play out smoother. - A couple other weapons can be found throughout the map. You also only receive a small bit of ammunition with this now. - Couple other tweaks and fixes.

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