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5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Multiplatform


I always wanted to create a shooter that combines the awesome looking graphics of Doom³ with a more tactical game play. I hope I will succeed in melting those two things together and enrich the
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Doom3Community with a Mod that hopefully will find his lovers. ------------- Features: ------------- - 8 different weapons, 4 per side - Realistic bullet-ballistic (real modelled projectiles are fired and react physically correct while getting dragged down by gravity as they proceed flying through the landscape) - Headshots that are deadly with any weapon from any distance - Really huge outdoor environments that are lit with a global lighting system - 6 players (3vs3) support (can be increased if necessary) - A BloomShader which creates a breathtaking HDR like look and makes the Landscaps look more realistic - 5 unique maps - Realistic water correctly refracting and reflecting the virtual world - (new) Sniper weapons!!! - (new) A new map called AT_WAR - (new) Improved weapon view models - (new) Improved ballistics - (new) Countless little tweaks and bugfixes --------------------- Included Maps: --------------------- ::desert_plateau:: This map scenario takes place on a small mountain plateau where each side spawns inside an aged bunker. Make sure to not let the enemy infiltrate your base.... oh and take a look at the top of the plateau... you might like what you find there. The huge trees give excellent cover in case you get ambushed from an unknown direction...... ::desert_delta:: This map scenario takes place in a very hot and dry desert valley where each side spawns inside an abandoned desert village. There are several ways to reach the enemy base and plenty of space for hot desert fights.... The desert trees are smaller than the plateau trees but still serve well for cover.... also the village itself leaves plenty of possibilities open to ambush the enemy from a position he doesn't expect. ::desert_valley_night:: This map scenario is basically the same setup as the "desert_delta" but takes place during the night... so stealth tactics get even more important since the enemy can see your gunfire from the far distance..... It is curious how the village and landscape changes its flair while everything lights up almost surreal in the moonlight...... ::ammo_docks:: This map scenario takes place in a huge military harbour where ships in the background are busy with loading and unloading their cargo. Once in a while an F-16 Fighter Jet is flying over the whole scenario trying to recon the area for the reported intruders.... This map offers excellent close combat fighting where almost everything in the harbour serves as cover, from the containers to the cargo boxes..... ::at_war:: This map scenario takes place in a country torn apart by war. The city where the two teams are deployed, is endangered by the steadily enclosing battlefront (you can already hear various gunfire and explosions). This map demonstrates the power of the doom³ engine, since you are to experience a part of town in all its glory including real scale Buildings, a canal complex where you can watch the city beeing correctly refracted and reflected in the canal's water and many more things.... As you can imagine this realism and complexity comes at a price, so basically anything less then a "2Ghz CPU, 512 MB RAM and a Geforce 6800" will run this thing as a slideshow in slowmotion.....

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