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Fall From Heaven


Hey all! The Fall From Heaven (FfH) mod has come out with a new version! Fall From Heaven is not a realistic mod, it\'s a fantasy mod! This mod has lots of new units, constructions, but no new
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civs. One of the best thing with this mod, is the addition of magic and spells. There are also a lot of new upgrades and promotions. You can for example use Cure Disease (removed plague and such nasty things), Fireball, Vialize land (upgrades terrain), and lots of other things. There are also a lot of mini-mods based on this mod, check this out! Here\'s a little FAQ: [quote] How do I load this mod? Uncompress the zip file and copy the contents into your \'C:\\Program Files\\Firaxis Games\\Sid Meier\'s Civilization 4\\Mods\' directory. Then load the game, select the advanced options and Load a Mod from the advanced options. The game will have to restart to load the mod and when it does you should see a Fall from Heaven title screen. After I load the mod I see the Fall from Heaven title screen but I only see the same old civilizations, whats wrong? There aren\'t currently any updated civs in FFH yet (that is scheduled for phase 2). If you would like to use some Fantasy style civilizations with Fall from Heaven check out Haarbal\'s excellent Fantasy Civ\'s: When I get into the Civics screen I don\'t have a button to cancel and I have to hit escape to get out, whats wrong? Civilization patch 1.52 is required to run this mod. If you don\'t have it you will have the error described (as well as others). To get the 1.52 patch for Civ 4 select the advanced option on the main Menu and then choose the Updates option. Why can\'t I select some of the civics like Arete, Sacrifice the Weak, Guardian of Nature, Social Order or Slavery? Each of those Civics has a State religion requirement. The state religion that is required for each is: Arete: Runes of Kilmorph Sacrifice the Weak: The Ashen Veil Guardian of Nature: Fellowship of Leaves Social Order: The Order Slavery: Octopus Overlords I decided to play for a little bit before I went to bed, then I noticed the sun was coming up. What happened? Welcome to Civilization. If you buy your boss a copy of the game he might not notice when you come wandering into work half asleep. Why aren\'t there any Dragons, Angels or Margeret Thatcher in this module? I would defintly love to add all of those things to the module (well... almost all) but right now we are limited to the models Firaxis was good enough to provide. Hopefully when the SDK becomes available there will be a way to use the popular 3d modeling software out there to make new models and these sorts of things will begin to appear. As soon as they do, I will try to get them added to the Mod. We appreciate the mod, is there anything we can do to reimburse you for this work? Just make sure you are actually paying for your copy of Civilization 4. The folks at Firaxis have created an amazing game that makes all this possible (and so much more, we are just at the tip of the iceberg). Make sure they get paid so they can continue to make more awesome games like this. [/quote]

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