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The Ancients Shrine


The Ancient's Shrine seemed to me, at first, just a big jumble of corridors. However, the layout really grew on me as I played around with a few bots - it actually flows very well and the areas of
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fighting always seemed to be in good places with plenty of room. I do think sometimes the corridors were a little too long, but aside from that it flowed very well. However, the map as a whole was very... samey. It's too much corridor and not enough FFA area. Whilst that may have worked for Q3, in JK3 where open areas are needed for large FFA's, it just doesn't come off with quite the same effect. Luckily, there was a nice focal point in the centre of the map which I'm guessing was the 'Shrine,' due to the giant worship statue in there. This is by far the most superior room in the map for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's the only place in the map which has some variety in the lighting. I don't mind blue maps, but this wasn't blue, with variation here and there, it was all one flat shade - blue, blue, and more blue. The shrine is the only room in the entire area which looks new and different, and was a welcome change. So the lighting was a bit generic and boring, and the texture work wasn't amazing either. Quite often textures on the walls clashed and repeated too much, and in a few cases there was misalignment on pillars. Architecturally it was alright - some attempts at more interesting designs, and some curves - but it just didn't go far enough to immerse me. Some of the models were repeated far too much, especially those big glowing crustal pillar-type ones, and this added to the feeling of repetition, like I'd seen it before. I also need to question the envmap (shiny) shader used on some of the crystal podiums - it just didn't fit the theme whatsoever. This is quite a typical standard of map both in terms of design quality and overall playability, it doesn't stand out from the crowd and consequntially, falls into the big bucket of maps that don't often make it onto a server. Don't let that dishearten you (the author) though - it's a great start and you clearly have begun to understand the basics of creating a richer and more atmospheric level, you just need a bit more practise with the editor, and perhaps some extra infusion of style to really make the map yours. New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~

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