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The Blue Snow


This map, like any map, has its strengths and weaknesses. Let's start out with the strengths. It's quite large, meaning it's well-suited for a larger number of players. It doesn't have any secrets,
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but it has plenty of areas to check out. One of the things I liked best about it was that it had a basic theme - a kind of crystal or glass theme - that the author carried throughout the map. It gave the map a sense of consistency, which is important. The music fit quite well with the map. I believe it's music used on Hoth, but the first thing that came to my mind was Rebellion, as that's what the music brings to mind for me when I hear it. That doesn't have anything to do with this map, though... So let's cover some weaknesses. First of all, some of the architecture is a bit bland. The entire map relies on squares and cylinders, and even the hills and mountains outside are very angular, almost to the point of looking sharp. I'd definitely not like to fall on one's peak! However to make up for this architectural downfall, the map has a lot of little details. Another weakness, in certain areas, was the texturing. It wasn't bad throughout the whole map, but in certain areas it was certainly dull and/or repetitive. In some areas the poor lighting also didn't help, while in other areas the lighting was quite decent. I imagine this map might even be good for roleplaying, as it seems to have a barracks area (with some interesting beds, I might add - don't let your friend lock you in!) and a bar. The one area that bugged me was the clan headquarters, or whatever it is, but since it is [i]so[/i] drastically out of pace with the rest of the map, I am guessing that was intentional. Overall a good start on a map. Certainly things to work on, but I can see how it would also be a lot of fun to play, despite its flaws. New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No ~Inyri

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