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For a first map, I have certainly seen lesser attempts! Although this map does show a few beginners mistakes, and I have a few stylistic issues with it, for the most part,(as a first attempt) it
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isn't as awful as you'd probably expect. That said though, compared to a map from a seasoned author, this one is comparatively bare and undetailed. The author has fallen into the beginners trap of making his room seem very square, although he did try and break up the wall with different textures. However, for a really nice looking hull, the author should be looking to add a lot more brush detail such as pipes, struts, different shaped supports, or whatever would look good. The texturing also leaves quite a lot to be desired in some places, most noticeably on the underside of the duel pad and the floating sections on the lava where the texture used just didn't work. In other places, the texture used seems to fit the theme, but is either oversized, or misaligned. You can also spot some Z-fighting issues if you fall in the lava. The lighting is bearable, although there's no focal points or shadowing - it's all one shade really, and I'd have expected a redder colour due to the glow from the lava. The author also chose to include Vader's meditation chamber model and simply bunged it into the middle of the arena. There are 3 problems I have with this. Number one - Why would Vader's chamber be on a narrow catwalk in a random room over a pit of lava? Two, why has it become a teleporting device? Three - Why can I walk and shoot through it? The author has evidently neglected to clip his models, and the teleporter did seem a little odd, although I guess it's an easier way of getting to the top of the duel pad than uh.. jumping a few meters. The biggest gripe really, is how one would play this map. The top circular duel area could be alright for a duel, but it is verging on the "too small to be playable" side, and the walkways near the base of the level don't really offer any decent width to run around, PLUS that overhead duel platform impedes your jump distance. Furthermore, there are no bot routes, so if you try and play with them, all they'll do is jump straight into the lava. I did find the steaming bits of lava that jumped around a nice effect that I wouldn't usually see in a first map, so good job on that. I would have expected it to hurt me if it hit me mind. Oh well, maybe for your next map? You will also want to include a levelshot in any future releases, as most people do feel that they are necessary for a more professional sheen to a map. New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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