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Well, here we have another CTF map from Jedi Max. This is the second version of his SOR CTF map:;53244. There isn’t however much of the original map
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in here, pretty much all of it is new. The only things that reminded me of the previous map was the architecture, such as the stone pillars, and the use of textures. What is the same from the first map however, is that this map contains features that would make it a very interesting venue for a CTF match! One of those features is again, just like v1, a maze! Just as with the first map there are plenty of interesting and unusual features that make this a challenging CTF map to play on. Like I said above the maze is back, plus a new feature is the ability to fly around in an outside area! I will talk about the outside area a bit first. Basically there are two bases, one for the red team and one for the blue, either side of a very large area. So large infact that from one base, you cannot see the other. The bases are made up of several platforms from which you can spawn ships and fly them to the other teams base. However there is a catch, each base is defended by very strong turbolaser turrets! Hey, no-one said it was gonna be easy! ;) At one end of each base is a building which you can go in, then use a lift to go down to the bottom floor, which houses your flag area. From there is an entrance to the maze and a teleporter to a cool death room, which I shall talk about later. The great thing about the area where you can spawn ships is that bots can fly the ships too! However one thing I think could be improved upon here is the double doors. You have to force push them to open them, but then only one side of the double doors opens. If anyone is wondering how to do double doors, remember, when you make the doors, select them both, then press the N key in Radiant to get the entity window up. Then type in the Key bit: team And in the value bit: doors1 Or whatever you want the double doors to be called (make sure you don’t do more than one set of double doors with the same name though!) This will make both the doors open at the same time, even if only one has been triggered. Despite that, the outside area is great! Also, once again the maze is back! This time however there is a map above the entrance to the maze so hopefully you will know vaguely where you are going this time ;) Now, onto the death room, which I think is a very clever and interesting thing to use in a CTF map, for the reason that it, just like the maze, is a puzzle that you have to figure out. There’s a catch though…here is what the readme says: [quote] you spawn in a room that has letters on the floor you have to spell out a palindrome word (a word that can be spelt the same back to front) if you choose the wrong letter you will be killed by 1 of 4 ways the clue to the word is (a type of bread) get to the other side alive through the door into the opposition base[/quote] Hey, you didn’t think it was going to be easy did you?! :P I managed to figure it out…but only because I remembered that the night before I was testing this map, my friend was at my house…and he was eating that particular type of bread! All these cool features make for a great map, one that would certainly be fun to play in a CTF match. There wasn’t much here that bugged me, but one of the things that did was that on the platforms outside, the lighting is very harsh and bright. It could really do with toning down a little. Besides that it was only really the double doors not opening at the same time that bugged me a bit. So besides that, another cool CTF map here from Jedi Max! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel, CTF ~Nozyspy~

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