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In Hell


In Hell is a new episode for Doom3, designed to revive the classic Doom games of the 90's. To achieve the same oppressive feeling as in Ultimate Doom or Final Doom for the Playstation 1, the focus
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is set on the atmosphere. Then and now the previously mentioned versions featured the best atmosphere for a horror shooter. The lugubrious sound has to be mentioned as well, since the atmosphere wouldn't appear half that grotesque and antic without a good sound. This makes those versions even better than the already excellent PC versions. In the new episode you'll have to find your way without flashlight. You'll also miss the PDA and its helpful messages. You're all on your own. But you have unlimited stamina while finding your way through the forecourt of hell where you're trapped in. This will turn out as a hard piece of work but should prod you to fight with all available forces against the creatures of hell and turn their inside out. There are also slight changes in weapon sounds, weapon attributes and player attributes. Same changes apply to the Deathmatch mode, so that you'll not only encounter new maps but also slightly changed weapons. I also changed the cheats - There's a new version for every cheat. It's important to mention that you'll have to play In Hell twice to reach the end level. You won't encounter the full fascination of In Hell unless you've played each episode a second time. But no worries. The second run will be very different from the first run. You'll play the levels in a different direction with different objectives and visit locations which weren't accessible in the first run. There are also changes in the architecture of the buildings and caves. The background music is slightly different in the second run to achieve a different feeling. Each level has its own theme that perfectly fits to it's individual atmosphere. 3D Gamers Edge has reviewed In Hell! Check it out [url=""]over here.[/url] The unofficial hotfix included in this release fixes a nasty bug in the map "Demonic" ("Entity monster_hellknight is targeting itself" ...). An official patch will be issued shortly.

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