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Call of Duty 2

Wolfsbane\'s CoD2 Realism Mod


Here\'s an insanely customizable realism mod from Wolfsbane (the latest version of his already popular WRM mod) for Call of Duty 2 multi-player, which features heaps and heaps of new features and
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CVars to go with them. The mod itself is really quite small in physical size, too, which doesn\'t really matter, since it\'s completely server-side as well! :D Anyway, there\'s [i]way[/i] too much to put it all in detail here, so you\'ll have see the ReadMe for that; however, you can still check out the brief list of features below. ;) Modified damage, effective range, ammo distribution, and rate of fire for all weapons All console junk removed (grenade indicators, floating objective pointers, etc.) except compass red dots, which can only be removed client-side Weapon limiter Removed zoom for all weapons except snipers Removed obituaries Adjustable fall damage Detailed messages for kills Weapons drop on hand or arm hits Chance of players making pain and death cries Attacking team can be set on random for S&D or \"King of the Hill\" where the winner defends Teamkill monitor and enforcer Shotgun has a percent chance of being available in addition to weapon limit restriction Random distribution of ammo Random distribution of frag and smoke grenades based on weapon type One primary weapon Health bar can be turned on Bleeding from wounds except falling damage Impact view \'quakes\' (more damage, more quake) Weapons lowered at spawn to prevent spawn-firing and when damage is taken from falling Search and Destroy modified (bomb timer can be hidden; bomb plant and defuse times can be set manually or randomized) Clan versus mode Removed scores from HUD Ammo on HUD fades unless you are low on ammo Force one objective or randomly choose one objective for S&D (either based on server population or a percent chance) Use Key Magic (Menu system) Bandaging for yourself or a close teammate (Use Key Magic) Discard weapons (Use Key Magic) FPS toggle (Use Key Magic) Spawn protection Spawn fall-safe time Kill AFK time Ability to disable bomb sounds in Search & Destroy (planting/defusing sounds and the bomb tick) Bomb timer displays when you start to defuse the bomb so you know how much time is left (if bomb clocks are disabled) Tactical CTF mode [i]--[/i] one team attacks by taking their flag and placing it on the enemy flagpole, capturing the territory; if successful, the other team must recapture the area the same way; defenders score 1 point for each 5 minutes they hold the area Respawn timers for HQ and CTF are now adjustable Weapon drops set to a percent chance for respawn gametypes Off-hand drops can be disabled Force auto-download on (player will not download any files until the map changes) Rotating server messages Rotating server messages for spectators only Admin tool to force one player or all players to switch teams Cease fire mode

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