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Regin of the Sith Lords Launcher


Sometimes you just have to be amazed at what some people think of as suitable for release. This has to be one of them. Basically, it's another Episode III launcher. The problem is that just about
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anything that could have been done wrong was. The first thing is that there's a big white trapezoid thing on the bottom with what I'm guessing to be a clan logo. The way it's postioned makes it impossible to see some of the buttons. Then the image of Obi-wan and Anakin is horribly pixelated and the overused one of them over a red background. In fact, it looks like the author shrunk it down to half the normal size, made it fit the launcher, then squashed it to only cover half the screen. It just looks atrocious. The author also left in the past background so you'll see the torso of the Kel Dor with his head covered up by a pixelated screen of Anakin and Obi-wan. In fact, even the previous launcher image is pixelated. I have no idea what he did to this, but the whole thing is ridiculously pixelated. Then there's a few new sounds here. The new sound that plays when the launcher opens sounds just like sonar. This seems odd to me as I didn't realize Anakin and Obi-wan rode in submarines in Episode III. I guess I learn new things everyday. Then he put in a ten second sound clip of Darth Vader before you start the game which is unskippable. This causes a serious problem, namely, who wants to wait 10 seconds to play the game just to listen to Vader? Personally, I have no real idea on why this was released. There's way too many problems and I can't imagine someone would actually view this launcher as a work of art. This is also one of the few times where the extras actually take away from the mod because of the included sounds. Please, next time look at your mod and critically think on whether or not it really deserves to be seen by the public, because this really shouldn't have. ~IfritZero~

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