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Aliens vs Predator 2



Skin Description: This DraculaWarVampire Light Predator is my 5 th skin project at all. I like playing the Light Predator so this was the character I chose to create a new skin for. Human
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legends tell about the existence of were-predators which are stronger and more skilled than usual predators. They are not only hunting for trophies they need to hunt for blood to stay alive. Those legends also tell about a mysterious were-predator order called Dark Oria Hunter Army (DOHA). Members of this order are not only hunting their usual prey they are hunting other were-predators as well (exept their own DOHA-members) to reduce the amount of other prey hunters. Now having detected an increasing number of DOHA were-predators spreading anxiety and fright in avp2universe people began to ask who has founded this order and who is on top or commands it. Here comes the answer though I hardly dare to speak out his name. It is the lord of darkness, king of the night, master of twilight-creatures undead mutants and vampires. It is the DraculaWarVampire. I had the idea to create a main leader of all DOHA members and decided to choose the dracula character for this matter. I wanted to create a highly detailed skin that shows many unique items. This DraculaWarVampire Light Predator is the main leader of the DOHA order. Infected with dracula-weregenes he leads the life of a predator vampire lord. He is able to use telepathic force to command his troops or to stun his prey if necessary. Like other werevampires he needs to bite his prey and drink the blood to stay alive. He appears and disappears silently and suddenly by using his unique black shadow cape. This shadow cape makes him absolutely invisible by night and as well in rainy, foggy and particle contaminated atmosphere. It is also a safe protection from the beams of light. It has a filigran golden spreading mechanism constructed like a bat wing. By using this spreading mechanism and drinking some drops of werecreature blood that neutralizes gravity for him he is even able to fly around for a while. So he always has a sufficient amount of conservated fresh blood elixir potions of the 2 kinds (usual blood or were blood) with him. Once this reserve of necessary blood is empty he will shurely find an immediate way to refill it up again. In the battle he uses an unique and precious special upgraded golden shoulder cannon. His battle computer and energy section are unique and precious as well. They show extra LED-displays and are special crafted. In his special crafted backpack he hides his greatest trophy the original Van Helsing Automatic Crossbow. This DraculaWarVampire Light Predator wears his unique trophy chain, sash and belt and is equipped with golden shurikens and ceremonial daggers. Also part of his equipment are his unique warboots showing the (JL) logo and the heraldic figure of the DOHA. His black hair tentacles are decorated with some golden rings. Like the masks of other DOHA members the unique dracula warmask includes an integrated dual tracking system for smart weapons as well. Nobody will ever be able to escape the hunting DraculaWarVampire

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