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Okay, I think the first thing I should point out is that this map is really too small for FFA, and doesn't really offer enough height variation for proper duelling, due to the low ceilings. I would
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imagine it could work for around 4 players maximum before getting a bit crowded. Having said that, one of the themes for this map is 'lonely' so maybe it's not supposed to have a lot of players in it. *shrug.* The subway itself definitely fits the theme 'urban,' although perhaps a few litter bins, and a few more decals might have added to the ambiance here. The other theme, as I said before, is lonely. Now, I'm still unsure whether I think this map is lonely - the music kind of suggests lonely, but I think maybe its more suggesting 'ominous' or 'foreboding.' The lighting and shadowing certainly reflect this as well. The lighting was very nice by the way, every light had a source, and it looked like it was shader-lit. :) Having said that, the solid white glow texture used for them does seem a little bland, and I think some more varied choices here might have looked nicer. There are also a few nifty interactive features in the map. Firstly, there's the trains which come through the station (at [b]very[/b] high speeds!) So you'll have to watch out for those. Incidentally, the trains don't actually kill you on impact; they simply move you to the end of the tunnel, where you get a fade-death. That seemed a little odd to me. :( Then there are also the force-reactive boxes which you can pull around and blow up. The paths the boxes fly when you force pull them do seem a bit wonky at times; you can pull it and it will come at you in a straight line, then suddenly veer to the left before exploding. I did like the way the door to the signal room came off and shattered when Force Pulled, however I didn't feel the explosion was necessary, after all, how many doors do you know that are volatile? ;) I did enjoy messing around in this map, although there's not much to see due to it's size, and a few of the textures (such as the super-shiny white tiles) didn't seem to fit with the gloomy ambiance of the rest of the map Still, nice work here Oxy :D New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~

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