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Aliens vs Predator 2

MATRIX Sound/Skin Pack


Skin/Sound Pack Description: My most popular skin, according to the number of times downloaded, is my Matrix_Drone skin. Since many people liked it, I decided to skin every Alien character, from
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facehugger to empress, with the original design used for the Matrix_Drone skin. Once these skins were made I also decided to throw in a huge sound pack of sounds taken only from the Matrix Trilogy, plus a few weapon skins for the humans. To top it all off, I used AcidGlow\'s fantastic Matrix menu, menu loop, and loading words for a complete Matrix feel. *Note: The sounds included may give away the ending of the trilogy, you\'ve been warned* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skins: ------- A) Aliens: Facehugger, chestburster, drone, runner, praetorian, predalien, queen, and empress skinned to the \"Matrix code.\" B) Human Weapons: Knife, pistol, and shotgun skinned to resemble the weapons used by the swat teams and agents. Sounds: ---------- A) Humans: 1) Females: a) New taunts of Trinity. b) Seven other sounds only accessable in single player mode. 2) Males: a) New death sounds of Neo\'s sacrificial death, Agent\'s death, Smith, getting jacked in, etc. b) New pain sounds of getting attacked, spitting blood, bone crunches, and a sentinel going through Neo. c) New screams of Smith\'s death, person transforming into an agent, Neo waking up, etc. d) New taunts of agents, Smith, Morpheus. e) Tons of new sounds that can only be heard in single player mode. (Barely any original sounds can be heard now) B) Weapons: 1) Pistol: New pistol fire sound with bullet time effect. C) Events: 1) Xenomorph-Loose: New sound taken from parking lot alarm in The Matrix Reloaded. D) Menu: 1) New opening menu loop from the opening menu loop of The Matrix dvd (U.S. Version) Possibly the greatest menu loop ever. 2) Used AcidGlow\'s menu loop for the remaining menus. The sound is from the early intro of the films. 3) New select, change, and quit sounds taken from the Green fade ins/fade outs of The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions dvds. E) Interface: 1) New splash sound of the \"jump program.\" 2) New cheat and verify sounds taken from the \"Lafayette mirror\" that Neo touches. 3) New Invulnerable_off sound (multiplayer) taken from the green fade out mentioned earlier above. 4) New free fly mode sound: \"Welcome to the real world.\" 5) New observe mode sound: \"Mr. Wizard, get me the hell out of here!\" 6) New player_info on and stats_on sounds (multiplayer) taken from that loud thump sound you often hear in the trilogy. *Very dramatic* 7) New player_info off and stats_off sounds (multiplayer) usually heard in the trilogy when one dramatic scene is switched to another. 8) New loading sound (multiplayer) taken from Neo\'s computer. Menus: -------- A) AcidGlow\'s Matrix Menu, matrix fonts, and loading words. B) New splash screen taken from a Matrix Revolutions poster. (Matrix Code) C) New custom level background/loading background taken from another Matrix Revolutions poster. (Neo at the source/machine city)

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