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Aliens vs Predator 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sound Pack


Sound Pack Description: The main purpose of this sound pack, was to take all the classic one liners Arnold has said, and replace them with all the male taunts for both singleplayer and multiplayer.
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The new sounds come from all of Arnold\'s films and even a few from \"The Governator.\" I also threw in some weapon sounds, menus, and a few other stuff. *Note, each .Rez file has different contents. Make sure you read about them first or Arnie will be screaming at you STOP WHINING!* Sound Pack Changes for ARNOLD.rez: A) Menus 1. New menus of Arnold\'s most recent film, Terminator 3. 2. New menuloop(s) taken from the the T3 dvd. 3. New loading screen/custom level background of T3. 4. New \"you were killed/mission failed\" menus of T3. 5. New splash and splash sound. 6. New menu sounds of Arnold responding. B) Sounds: 1. New male taunts for both singleplayer and multiplayer. (I changed every single male taunt except for the cocoon and retreat sounds) 2. New male pain, death, and scream sounds. 3. New sounds for certain actions taken during multiplayer. Ex: Freefly mode, evac sounds, loading, summary, and so on. 4. New sounds for entering a cheat code, and closing the chatbox. 5. New reload and fire sounds for the grenade launcher, new minigun loopfire and stop fire sounds, new pistol reload sounds, new sadar fire sound, new shotgun fire and reload sounds. (All weapon sounds taken from Terminator films) C) Misc: 1. New multiplayer icons for the player menu list. Icons are as follows: Server Control (Star) = T-800 Terminator Firelow>FireMedium>FireHigh = Arnold>Terminator Arnold>Angry and Bad Arnold. : ) *Note: Certain actions the player takes, will make Arnold act differently. I made it this way, in order to highlight Arnold\'s hialrious side/personality. For example: entering a cheat code, evac failures, dieing, etc; all get Arnie angry.* Sound Pack Changes for ARNOLDCHAT.rez: A) Chat 1. Arnold will say \"Stop Whining!\" everytime you receive or send a message. 2. Arnold will also say \"Stop It!\" everytime you hit backspace when typing a message. This is extremely hilarious the first time you hear this, however it may become annoying with frequent messaging. Especially if you are in a server where everyone constantly says \"LOL.\" Give it a chance though. If you don\'t like it, don\'t use it. This is why it is in a different rez.

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