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Hallow Shadows


I only have a few issues with this map, after which I think I\'ll get out of the way at the start, and then you can all go and download it! :D Primarily, for a duel map, the framerate is rather bad,
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something which could easily have been avoided by having the doors between areas close and use areaportals to seal of VIS (visibility) to those areas. Secondly, the lighting (Whilst it may look great in the screenshots) is rather annoying in-game, as each light has a style to it, which makes it flicker. Now, I\'m all for dynamic lighting, but when every single flame in the room has EXACTLY the same flicker sequence, so the whole room flashes, it gets kind of annoying. Thirdly, there are a few plants which look out of place in a Korriban duel chamber, and moreover are lit a bit weirdly from underneath (See last screenshot.) However, you should also be able to tell by the screenshots that this is one impressive looking duel map - And I should hope so after all the versions this map has been through! ;) In all seriousness though, it does look great, save the texture used on the pillars in the window room - the alignment there looks weird. I really liked the decals such as broken rocks and boulders, and was especially taken by the ceiling in the main hall - great architecture! The music chosen is also a very fine choice; fitting style for a duel, but also in time with the dynamics and aesthetics of the level. As I said before, the lighting is a bit annoying, but it still looks good if you can train your eyes to focus on the floor or something, rather than the endless synchronised flickering, and size-wise it\'s almost perfect for a duel. The only gameplay problem I could see was the bottleneck between the two areas, but aside from that it\'s ideal for duels. If only the framerate was a bit better, this could probably become a favourite duel map for many of you. :) Oh, but on an editors note, why have you turned some brushwork into .ase models? It doesn\'t really seem necessary. Oh well. New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~

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