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Choyax Duel Complex


Well, I have to say that 'complex' is not the word I'd have chosen to describe this map. It's more like a house with a great big garden. Now, I want to point out that the score I gave this map
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doesn't reflect the value I'd have given it for ambiance, probably a 7 or 8, which would bump it up a bit. Unfortunately, there's no 'ambiance' option, but I felt I needed to point it out anyway! I suppose it's mostly down to the music, which is really 'themed.' It has a certain allure which takes you to the world of imagination where the map could be a real place. The lighting contrasts also added to this feeling. Conversely, on a technical note, the map is actually fairly average. The inside areas seem kind of empty, and the textures repeat far too much for my liking. I can see however, that some good effort has been put into making certain bits of architecture, it's just that it still looks a bit bland. Outside is a little better, although some texture blending around the pool would have looked a lot better than the sudden seams we can currently see. I especially liked the lighting here, although as a whole, the map is far too dark. The screenshots i took were at 1.5x normal brightness, so you'll have to mess around with your gamma settings in order to see where you're going. Oh yes, and I have a few issues with the water shader. Firstly, you could quite easily have used a mirrored water surface without too much of an FPS drop, which would have looked much better! The environment map is alright, but the lake looks far too blue for real water, and almost a bit cartoony compared to surrounding terrain. Oh yes, and shame on you for forgetting/not bothering to give this map bot support! It's becoming a pet peeve of mine when I see a map without bot-routes, especially when you know it's actually not that hard nor time consuming once you've read the tutorial on the subject, which can be found right here at JK3Files on the left hand menu! :( Additionally, the pictures looked very out-of-place, especially the repeating YingYang one. To be honest, the map itself has both good [b]and[/b] bad points, which I feel will appeal to different people in different ways (or not.) For me, I liked the atmosphere, but wasn't impressed with the other criteria as much. New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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