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Obstacle Course


This certainly is an interesting map. It's not really made for dueling, but rather for training. It is, as the title suggest, and obstacle course, and I'll tell you it's definitely not the
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easiest. The first obstacle is a pool with cylinders jutting out. The object is to jump from cylinder to cylinder to the other side. Once you're across, you are met with a more difficult challenge. In the next room, similar to the first, are many [i]very[/i] thin poles coming from the walls. I assume the objective is to jump across from pole to pole to the other side, but there was not a chance I was going to be able to do that, so good luck ;). The third challenge is, once again, in a water-filled room. This time there are moving platforms you must jump across to the other side. The room after this one I find to be the most difficult, as I couldn't really figure out how to get across... After this, the last obstacle is a trap much like the one Jaden faced on Taspir III: 'mashers', I suppose, since I can't think of a better word. You know, when the walls close in on your like the garbage masher. Then, when you have finally reached the end and breathed a sigh of relief, you step on a crystal and get shot back to the beginning! As for the artistic side of the map, I find the ambience of it quite fitting. It's very dark, reminiscent of a dungeon, but it does remind me of what an underground training facility might look like. I found it was a little dark for my tastes, but I suppose that adds to the overall difficulty of the obstacle course. The only real issue I had was that there was a missing texture near the end. It just seemed to be one, but if there's a second version that should be corrected. The rooms are all very square, however this works for this type of map. Overall, a pretty decent map, for its purpose. I'm sure a lot of clans could get good use out of this for training purposes if they so desired. I hope to see some more work from this author; he seems to have a lot of potential! New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: No ~Inyri

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