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Aliens vs Predator 2



Skin Description: This DarkWarWolf Light Predator is my first skin project at all. I like playing the Light Predator so this was the character I chose to create a new skin for. I had the
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idea to make him a bit darker, a bit more frightening and a bit looking better with some more details. I wanted him to look a bit more knightlike and wished him to be a member of some kind of a predator special force unit or maybe some kind of a special predator order. So there was the need to design some kind of a special uniform for him that doesnt take away too much of his individuality. This DarkWarWolf Light Predator is infected with some werwolf weregenes so parts of his mouth look like a wolfmouth and he has darker and stronger claws than other predators. He is member of a special predator order named DARK ORIA HUNTER ARMY which is specialised in hunting werwolves or other evil creatures. The sign of this order in the YAUTJA script resembles the most a (JL) in HUMAN script. For hunting his special prey he is equipped with some extra tightbags that contain the silver speargun projectiles and the space for some extraordinary trophies. For taking his trophies he uses special predator ceremonial daggers equipped on his upper legs. This character has decorated his hair tentacles with trophy rings of gold and ivory which are a few more in number than the usual light predator wears. This light predator is wearing a helm! It is shaped like some kind of a samurai helm and it comes along in structured metal optic. His mask as an upgraded version of the normal light predator mask contains an integrated dual tracking system for his smart weapons and comes along also in structured metal optic. Underneath his striped dark uniform he wears a special metaloptic chainfleece. On his arms and legs he has coloured clan pattern bands. On his upper arms and on the front shafts of his boots you can see the tribal unit order badges in form of the (JL) logo. His gem decorated belts and the ornamented trophies in opaloptic shown on his torso mark him as a successful hunter character of his order.

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